War Dogs


Owner: Barcelo
World: Diamond
Members: 26
Guildhall: None
Founded 7 months ago (April 28th, 2020)
Barcelo283 (The Gringo) Navitaa280 (Rip Paul)
Datas Drala310 (No Mercy) Ikkaro248 (Nasus)
Sckooter215 (Don Patin) Rodeck182 (Blood's Yandere)
Royal Guard
Mister Smith261 Blood Bandit240 (Melancolia)
Soy Cholo228 (Ya hagan evento alv) Aenir222 (Aenir Sama)
Piko Bandit221 (Rip Paul) Klosters209 (Dragon Hunter)
Zirros206 Taylor York204
Calico electronico202 (Maltrato Animal) Toxicwaffle202
Xo Rizee201 (Rip Paul) Bmrafagas200 (Rip Paul)
Dizaq Rush185 (Amulet God) Dark blood spilled182
Altosremix169 Alanns163 (Rip Paul)
Eristof162 (Rip Paul) Pandaox149 (The Alchemist)
Kal-el147 (aaa) Fasarmijos129 (El Doctor)


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