Hello guys!

Apart from the summer battle pass and donation promotion, we have another surprise for you!


From 22/06 until 02/07 we will enable higher rates:

- Boost for Pokemon experience

- Boost for loot
- Boost for catch
- Boost for Player experience

- Faster Shiny Respawn

Additionaly Shiny Empoleon and Shiny Cherrim will be coming back to respawns for one month

Have fun&good luck!
A donation promotion has been enabled
- 50% extra points.
- Every 30 base points you get 1x summer lottery ticket
- It will be avaliable from 21/06/2022 till 02/07/2022

A new battle pass is now available at the premium shop:
- Cost 40 diamonds
- 36 rewards in total
- There will be extra days to finish it once last reward is released, last day: 05/August/2022 00:00:00

Reward list

Day 1. 75x empty premier ball
Day 2. 1x blue box
Day 3. 1x Sinnoh box 2
Day 4. 2x Piece of Cherubi cake
Day 5. 1x TM case 20
Day 6. 100x empty sport ball
Day 7. 75x empty dive ball
Day 8. 1x Mewtwo's Island ticket (second)
Day 9. 1x Castform held box
Day 10. 1x 15 premium days ticket
Day 11. 1x golden tower coin
Day 12. 1x Hoenn box 3
Day 13. 1x random held item box
Day 14. 1x evolution item box
Day 15. 1x Grilled Magikarp dish
Day 16. 1x candy vending machine
Day 17. 1x golden tower coin
Day 18. 1x Sinnoh box 3
Day 19. 1x Bulbasaur and Squirtle outfits
Day 20. 100x empty sport ball
Day 21. 1x Slurpuff icecream
Day 22. 1x charm unlocker
Day 23. 1x Kanto box 3
Day 24. 1x TM case 19
Day 25. 75x empty dive ball
Day 26. 1x Slurpuff icecream
Day 27. 2x Piece of Cherubi cake
Day 28. 1x TM case 16
Day 29. 1x Johto box 3
Day 30. 150x empty heavy ball
Day 31. 1x Cleffa bubble tea
Day 32. 1x Outfit bag
Day 33. 100x empty premier ball
Day 34. 1x TM case 20
Day 35. 1x Castform access key
Day 36. 1x random elemental box

Dive ball can be thrown on any Pokemon but has x1
- if thrown on water Pokemon has x5.2
- if thrown on Red Gyarados, Big Tentacruel, Big Magikarp or Tapu Fini has x5.7
- if thrown while diving has +0.5 on ball multiplier, this bonus can stack with the previous bonuses

candy vending machine contains one of the following
- 3x Rare candy
- 3x Pineapple rare candy
- 3x Raspberry rare candy
- 3x Coconut rare candy
- 3x Hazelnut rare candy

Bulbasaur and Squirtle outfits: Squirtle outfit is female only and Bulbasaur outfit is male only.
The Golden tower will be launched today in few hours, in this thread I will explain everything related to it and you can ask questions about it.

You can join this system with only one character per account, this decision cannot be changed later, in future we may or not add a premium service to change the selected character, but it won't happen any time soon. To join the system use the command "!tower join" and confirm your decision. To open the golden tower window use command "!tower", in this window you can check your points and exchange rewards.

The Golden tower is a dungeon system, there are 4 floors, every floor is harder than the previous, in order to advance to the next floor you must unlock it using your earned points in the current floor, everybody starts at first floor. Each floor has it's own points and rewards, points earned in a floor can only be used in said floor.

To enter you will need a partner, both players (you and your partner) must be at least level 150 for first floor, level requirement increases the higher the floor is. There are other requirement to enter the tower, the system will warn you about them, some examples: cannot enter while flying, cannot carry Shedinja, etc.

Every player has 3 daily attempts, these attempts are restored at the same time as daily quests.

A player will only receive points (and wishing star if applicable) for the first two daily successfully completed instances.

If there is a server restart or shutdown, every active golden tower instance will be marked as completed successfully and players in them will receive their points, unless there is a server crash which are out of our control.

Golden tower details

- There are 8 instances for each floor, if every instance is busy, you must wait for the next instance to be free.

- Two players are required to enter, both player must meet the requeriments of the floor they trying to access and enough attempts.
- Golden tower entry is near Lavender.
- Each instance has a limit of 35 minutes to be completed.
- Each instance has a limit of 100 potions and 100 revives to be used inside.
- Each floor has a different set of traps, every traps deals percent damage.
- Every Pokemon in the instance must be defeated in order to spawn the boss.
- The boss must be defeated in order to complete the instance.
- Once completing an instance you will receive 10 points in first floor, 15 points in second and third floor, 20 points in fourth floor.

- If a player dies inside the instance, said player will enter the "undead" status.
- While being undead the player will no longer receive damage from Pokemon or traps, cannot be healed and cannot use Pokemon.
- While being undead the player can still press levers and switches.
- Undead players will die once leaving the instance and death penalty is still applied, even if party successfully completes the instance.
- Undead players will receive only 50% of the corresponding points if the party successfully completes the instance.
- If the other player dies, the undead player will be killed instantly.
- If the other player logouts, the undead player will be killed instantly.
- If your partner (undead or alive) logouts and leaves you alone in the instance and you are still alive, the instance will receive +10 minutes to time limit, +20 to potions limit and +20 to revives limit.
- Player speed is set to 400 inside the golden tower.
- Player healing only has effect every 4 minutes. (healing moves)
- Pokemon healing only has effect every 5 minutes. (healing moves)
- Completing floor 3 and floor 4 instances will also give you 1x wishing star.

Items related to Golden tower

You see a wishing star.
Summons 2 Victini, can only be used in the private spawn area.
You see a Piece of Cherubi cake.
Player gains +50% extra points in Golden Tower during 2 attempts, wishing star spawns an additional Victini during two uses.
You see a golden tower coin.
Resets your daily Golden Tower attempts. (max. 10 usages)
* Golden tower coin will automatically receive +5 usages monthly, starting next month (July/2022)

Golden tower rewards

Also for the next 5 days (until 26/06/2022) every player will get unlimited attempts, this decision was made with the goal of get feedback and improve/balance the system and to let players advance in the tower.

The Ditto system, memory slot system have been reworked, I will list changes made in this thread.

- Normal transformation and memory slot system can now be used together.
- Normal transformation duration is 5 minutes, with 60 seconds cooldown between transformations.
- Memory slot transformation duration is 3 hours.
- Memory slot transformation no longer requires a memory card, anyway adding a new Pokemon to the slots will still require a memory card.
- You can now remove a Pokemon from the memory slot window, it requires a memory card. (no longer requires a diamond)
- You can cancel the transformation any time from the memory slot window. (requires having the system unlocked)
- Normal transformation damage is reduced by 17%.
- Memory slot transformation damage is reduced by 10%.
- Memory slot transformation now gets a random ability from the transformed Pokemon.
- Memory slot transformation no longer get random TMs.
- Memory slot transformation can use fly, surf, ride, teleport.
- There is a new held item "Ditto TM", can only be used with memory slot system, gives 2 random TMs to your Ditto based on the current transformation, if TM Reflect is available it will always be picked, you can reroll these TMs every 60 seconds.
- Shiny Ditto can transform into Shiny Pokemon and Cloned Pokemon, normal Ditto doesn't.
- New item "Memory slot quest unlocker" available in premium shop for 15 points/diamonds, of course the quest is still available.
- Memory cards used in old system have been refunded
- Memory slots are now Pokeball binded, before was player binded, this means you can have different Dittos with different transformations. (you can still carry just 1 anyway)

From May until September we'll organize summer mini events, in which you'll be able to obtain the following tokens;

Golden Summer Token - For first player or 2 players
Silver Summer Token - For 2nd / 3rd player
Bronze Summer Token - for everyone, who participated
(that rule doesn't include raids)

For example on memory event there are 4 players. The best one will get golden token, 2-3 will get silver token and every participant bronze token.

Mini Events on which you can obtain those tokens are: memory, crazy cars, crash bots, paintball and flame hockey.

You can also obtain tokens on raids, which will work differently. They won't have any tms or helds, just tokens as loot.

raids on which you can obtain tokens: Poltergeist, Big Crystal Onix, Grand Galvantula, Phantom, Samurai

This year's main reward will be pokemon voted in this thread:

We don't plan shiny version, but if growlithe wins, there would be cloned (following electrode). It will end up event's exclusive and will never appear on map. (might appear on mini dice or lottery eventually)

To obtain this pokemon you need to have certain amount of golden and silver tokens.

There will also be other rewards such as TM cases, Helds, boxes, very rare card(s) and others.

May 1 – Crazy Cars mini event

May 2 – Poltergeist Raid

May 3 – Crash Bots / Zapdos Raid

May 4 – Collosal Rhydon Raid / Suicune Raid

May 5 – Mini Lottery – tickets for people, that are fishing (random)

May 6 – Memory Event / Samurai Raid

May 7 – Flame Hockey Event / Grand Galvantula Raid / Poltergeist Raid

May 8 – Crazy Cars mini event / Xerneas Raid

May 9 – Shiny Celebi Raid / Phantom Raid

May 10 – Paintball Event / Big Crystal Onix raid

May 11 – Crash Bots / Paintball

May 12 – Big Summer Lottery (tickets from battle pass) / Samurai Raid

May 13 – Collosal Rhydon Raid / Memory Event

May 14 – Flame Hockey Event / Paintball / Phantom Raid

May 15 – Crazy Cars mini event / Ho-Oh Raid

May 16 – Paintball / Kyogre Raid

May 17 – Memory Event / Regice Raid / Big Crystal Onix raid

May 18 – Hide & Seek Event / Primal Kyogre Raid

May 19 – Memory Event / Mini lottery for players that bring certain items

May 20 – Crash Bots / Paintball / Samurai Raid / Solgaleo Raid

May 21 – GFW Event / Grand Galvantula Raid

May 22 – Paintball Event / Collosal Rhydon Raid

May 23 – Treasure Hunt contest / Flame Hockey Event / Regigigas Raid

May 24 – Crazy Cars / Paintball / Lunala Raid

May 25 – Poltergeist Raid / Jirachi Raid

May 26 – Mini Lottery (for playing in casino) / Crash Bots / Paintball

May 27 – Samurai Raid / Big Crystal Onix Raid / Articuno Raid

May 28 – Volcanion Raid / Crash Bots / Paintball Event / Samurai Raid

May 29 – Maze Event / Big Crystal Onix Raid

May 30 – Roulette Event / Crazy Cars Event / Phantom Raid / Big Snorlax Raid

May 31 – Memory Event / Grand Galvantula Raid / Arceus Raid

Hello guys,
In Saturday 16/04 we'll enable Easter event it will last untill 30/04

First 3 players that will find all eggs (200+) will get guaranteed shiny durant or calyrex. Other players will still have a chance to get shiny.

You can do that event on max 2 characters.

Also from 16/04 untill 24/04 we will enable Donation Promotion.
During this time you will receive 50% more points.
Every, person that will donate for 30+ (base) points will receive hisuian voltorb with a chance to obtain cloned hisuian voltorb (which will never appear on an island)

Also From 16/04 untill 24/04 we will enable higher rates:
- Boost for pokemon experience
- Boost for character experience
- Boost for catch
- Faster Shiny Spawn

Additionaly shiny torkoal and tropius will be coming back to respawns from 16/04 untill 15/06

Summer mini events starting in may to be announced s00n
Hello everyone,
From 28/03 untill 03/04 we will enable donation promotion.
During this time you will receive 50% more points.

Also on Friday 01/04 we will add a new easter battle pass it will cost 40 points and will have 35 rewards:
- 150 Dream Balls
- Wigglytuff bag (inside you can find addons from previous years, decorations, carrot car keys)
- Hoenn Box 3
- Blue Box
- Yellow Box
- 100 Premier Balls
- Applin Pie
- Dedenne Dessert
- Kanto Box 3
- 15 Premium Days Ticket
- Random Held Item Box
- Pink Easter Egg (Gives random tm case 1-21)
- Easter Pokemon Card
- Outfit Bag
- Addon Backpack
- Rare Aura Unlocker
- Alcremie Dessert
- Golden PA Coin
- Evolution Item Box
- Pink Easter Egg
- Cloned Ticket 2
- Tm Case 21
- Random Elemental Box
- Easter Pokemon Card
- 100 Sport Balls
- Slurpuff Icecream
- Cleffa Bubbletea
- Reins of Unity
- 100 Sport Balls
- Summer Lottery Ticket
- Johto Box 3
- 100 Premier Balls
- Tm Case 20
- Outfit
- Summer Lottery Ticket

Additionaly from 01/04 it will be once again possible to catch cloned togepi and chansey

Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there.

- Duels will be 2vs2
- Battle mode is forbidden
- You can sign up with only one character.
- Your character must be of level 120 or higher.
- It will be a two stages tournament: group eliminations -> finals
- Each group will have 4-5 players (depending on amount of participants)
- 2 players from each group will advance to the next stage (unless your group will have less players).
- No trades between participants, no pokemon sharing
- No Charms
- Berries are allowed
- Helds are not allowed
- Flutes are not allowed

- Right before tournament each player will draw for himself 10 random pokémon, which will be hidden in bags.

- Each bag will have few different pokémon, player will have to choose bag + slot number to get 1 pokémon.
- All pokémon will have reflect if this is possible to be fair with those who have protections + other random TM
- There will be group eliminations and depending how many players will join, there's possibility that eliminations will be done on 2 different arenas

Additional info
-Top 3 from the lastest 2 tournaments cannot participate on this tournament.
-You must be an active player for past 30 days.

You can sign up in this thread or just log in to tournament world at 20:00 GMT +1 to be added to bracket. If you log in later, don't be expecting to be on the list.
- Adding to brackets starts at 19:30 GMT+1. Duels will start 1 hour later. If you want to be on the list, you have to be online at 19:30.
- Date: 19/03/2022


1st Place: Chosen Pokemon (Zarude / Ash Greninja / Shaymin / Heatran) + 60 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice + Very Rare Card
2nd Place: Cloned Box + 30 premium days + Outfit Bag + TM Case of player choice
3rd Place: Pikachu Cosplay* or Elemental Box of player choice + 15 premium days + Outfit Bag

*Pikachu cosplay with full moveset and TM set + 1 unique spell depending on which cosplay winner choose.

1. Players that participated in tournament will get 2x silver coin
2. Players that win 1 duel in group stage will get 3x rare candies
3. Players that advanced from group will get 2x golden coin + 1x silver coin
4. Players that win 1 duel in final bracket will get cloned ticket
5. Players that win 2 duels in final bracket will get 3x golden coin
6. reaching the quarter-finals - johto box 4

Rewards aren't accumulative.