- Increased maximum allowed zoom by 3 levels. (same as it was before)
- Is now possible to use maximum zoom anywhere in the map, doesn't matter if is a too crowded area.
- Some windows in the client have been reworked.
* The following outfits have been improved:
- Goku God
- Ultimate Gohan
- Future Trunks

* The following outfit have been added to the premium shop:
- Vegeta God

* Improved the login loading process which will result in a faster loading of characters.
* The client will now restore the default zoom and view mode when it detects a desynchronization with the server
(this happens when using too far zooms in areas that are too crowded) [ fixes this bug: link]

* Player auras are now available ingame.
- Unlike Pokemon, players can only wear one aura at once.

- Auras are unblocked for every compatible outfit.
- There are auras exclusive for certain outfits.

- There are auras not obtained via the auras windows. (example: Lovely Hearts)
- Love potion now permanently unlocks 'Lovely Hearts' aura.

The following outfits are now available at the premium shop:
Naofumi Iwatani
Lady Law
Mr Satan
Toph Bei Fong
Captain America
The following outfits are now available at the premium shop:
Saori Kido
Pegasus Seiya
Dragon Shiryu
Andromeda Shun
Cygnus Hyoga
Phoenix Ikki
Eagle Marin
Virgo Shaka
Gemini Saga
Libra Doko
Leo Aiolia
Sagittarius Aiolos
Pisces Aphrodite
Aries Mu
Capricorn Shura
Taurus Aldebaran
Scorpio Milo
Aquarius Camus
Cancer Deathmask
Pool Party Fiora
Pool Party Graves
Miss Fortune
- Charms now work correctly in stronger variants of Pokemon as long as their name is the same as the original charm. (example: Flying Pokemon spawn level 275)
Power Plant near Lavender has been revamped. Higher floors are accessible only by premium. Lower ones are still for free of course
- Is not possible to push other players into the pvp square anymore.
- Maximum allowed zoom reduced by 3 levels. (compared to previous updated)
- Sprite update in preparation for incoming event.
Small information for those that have Castform access key. It's respawn is already available on the map.
- Is now possible to use Pokeballs and other items at maximum vision range, order item IS STILL limited in range.
- Blink and dark portal now have a limit of maximum distance to teleport.
- Keep in mind that if your Pokemon is too far from you, you can take damage and even die from wild Pokemon.
- Improved the different view modes. ( control + . ) [ctrl key + dot]
- Is now possible to zoom out to see more squares. ( control + - ) [ctrl key + hyphen]
- Is now possible to zoom in to see less squares. ( control + , ) [ctrl key + comma]

- View mode and zoom levels are preserved during logins and client restarts.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far you can zoom out.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far your Pokemon can attack/target.
- Keep in mind that there is a limit for how far you can use order item/other items.
- Enabling and disabling battle mode is now instant and doesn't block player movement.
- Switching between Pokemon and player view when using battle mode is now instant.