Pokemon compass is now working:

- It detects the nearest Shiny Pokemon to you and tells you in which direction it is.
- It doesn't detect Shiny Pokemon spawned by Shiny Charm.
- It has a cooldown of 30 seconds between uses.
- It has a duration of 5 days, starting on first use, you can check it's duration by looking at it.
- You can recharge it using the following items: 100x Luminescent Crystal, 50x dark dust, 30x vision of the future, 5x silver ingot.
You can now exchange Gigantamax Kingler tokens for Gigantamax Butterfree tokens if you already obtained G-Max: Kingler stone.
Ditto's cooldowns are now resetted on revive.
NPC Lola can now exchange unusued lottery tickets from past lotteries. (last one and older ones too)
- First day of premium daily login for January will automatically be completed due to the late release.
- Daily login for January 2023 - June 2023:






With the upcoming Gigantamax Alcremie, the normal version and it's shiny received changes:



It is now possible for Shiny Sceptile / Shiny Toxapex / Shiny Vespiquen / Shiny Carnivine / Shiny Yanmega / Shiny Cradily to spawn
The following helds are now working:
- Catch Charm
- Blueberry Gellatin
- Accelerating Goggles
- Professional Pitcher Gloves
- Reflective Layer
- Protective Layer
- Twin Charm
- Slow Rage
- Stunning Rage
- Fiery Trap
- Lucky Reborn
- Mega Defense
The following helds are now working:
- Power Bracer
- Red Card
- Rainbow Quartz
- Diamond Shard
- Levitating Balloon

Musharna/Shiny Musharna

Added Stuns to the tms of dunsparce
Changed the effect of wonder room move