Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

* 1 Tutor for portuguese channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 10 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.
At 30 of June all characters of levels 60- that didn't log to game for last 6 months will be erased from database. Server may be offline for some hour(s) this day.
Hi guys, with the latest client update I introduced a hidden feature to the client, it's an experiment and if the feedback from it is possitive I might consider improving it even more, I have called it "Lite mode", basically what it does is disable some features from the client to get a better perfomance in weaker computers.

There are 3 levels of optimization at the moment:

Level 1
- Disables the recoloring feature in the client, you won't be able to see the right color in some creatures, items. (eg: some of the shiny Pokemon)

Level 2
- Disables advanced Pokeball. (The little Pokemon image near the Pokeball)
- Enables "light" area effects. (Every area effect is displayed as a simple light effect)

Level 3

- Totally disables area and distance effects. (you won't see them at all, it might confuse you)
- Disables error reporting logger.

To install and try it:

1. Download one of the following files:

For level 1

For level 2

For level 3

2. Put it into your client directory, like this:

3. Restart your client and it's ready.

To uninstall/disable it; just delete lite.lua from your client directory.

Note: automatic updater ignores this file, so it won't be affected during updates.

Please post your feedback results if you test this, it may help to improve the system or just drop it.

Hello guys. We'd like to invite you to our Global Tournament 2016. There will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there [as it has been on party tourny]

- Duels 1 vs 1 using 6 pokemons.
- Flutes and berries are allowed
- You can use any pokemon you want. Generally there are no limits, with one exception - pokemon cannot be repeated, that means you can't use 2 cloned arcanines or arcanine + cloned arcanine etc.
- Pokemons cannot be shared between participants. Remember, that pokemons have their serials, it's easy to find it out.
- You can sign up with only one character.
- It is forbidden to use Smeargle (rule may change in case we update smeargle earlier]
- Only active players can join. We don't want retired playrs to be joining tournaments and keep being retired.
- There is only ONE stage. This tournament is for pokemons min. 120-130 lvl. That means you should be at least level 110 (to be able to use pokemons 120+)
- Transfering to tournament world will cost 3 diamonds.
- You can sign up in this thread or in the day of tournament max 19:30 GMT+2. At this hour we'll start to check who is offline and kick those players from bracket - it is important for you to be online at the time. Tournamnent will start once all players are checked

- 1 and 2 July [tournament will be split into 2 parts, otherwise it would last too long. In case if takes more time than we expect, it will be split into two weekends.
- 19:30 GMT +2 we'll be checking who's online. All offline players will be removed from the bracket. Don't be late!
- Duels will start right after removing offline players from the bracket.

1st place: Random Mega Evolution Item, Arceus Statue, Addon Bag + Entei Bag
2nd place: Cloned Box, Mewtwo statue, TM Case 10, Addon Bag + Raikou Bag
3rd place: Elemental Box, Mewtwo Statue, TM Case 9, Addon Bag + Suicune Bag

Incoming rebalance changes:
- Rebalance of 40-50 pokemons will be applied at 17 Jun together with fairy update
- We may apply few more until 20 Jun.
- There's possibility we'll apply more Mega Pokemons before tournament.

Questions are not allowed in this thread. You can make new one, if you want to ask something.

Hi guys, we just enabled promotion for donations. From now on till 15 June you will get 50% more points.

Hello guys, as it is 1st June today (at least in central Europe), we invite you to participate in a lottery made specially for this ocassion!

- Only Players of level 30 or higher can participate.
- One player can participate with only 1 character.
- Number of your post = number of your ticket.
- Your forum account cannot be created later than in 30 may 2016
- This thread will be closed in 2/06 6am Gmt+2

1. Panda Teddy
2. Sleeping Espeon Plush
3. Sleeping Umbreon Plushh
4. Bulbasaur statue
5. Cloned Electrode with TM Doom Desire and Discharge
6. Luffy addon for Smeargle
7. Gentleman addon for Smeargle
8. Aerodactly Trophy
9. 30 days of premium
10. Alakazam golden statue
11. Absol Locker Kit
12. Sceptile Locker Kit
13. Celebi Locker Kit
14. Pack of clothes
15. TM Metal Burst
16. TM Fairy Wind
17. TM Dazzling Gleam
18. Rhydon Locker Kit
19. Dragonite with Sandstorm and Fly Attack
20. Charizard 116 with TM Steel Wing
21. Houndoom with Dark Pulse
22. King Addon for Empoleon
23. Heracross
24. Halloween Ursaring with Earthquake
25. Snorlax with Sandstorm and Water Pulse
26. Clefable
27. Unown Box
28. Pikachu Cosplay Box
29. Sleeping Sylveon Plush
30. Sleeping Leafeon Plush
31. Sleeping Glaceon Plush
32. Cloned Ticket
33. Cloned Ticket
34. Exp Ticket
35. Exp Ticket
36. Tangrowth
37. Vileplume
38. Milotic Statue
39. 14 days of premium
40. Riolu Cosplay
41. Jirachi Figurine
42. Hoenn Box 3
43. TM Reversal
44. Butterfree Statue
45. Addon Bag
46. Xatu
47. Mr Mime
48. Poliwrath with Hydropump
49. TM Case 8
50. Red Gyarados Trophy
Hello guys, today we starting the second edition of the "Season event", I will be giving general information about the event and small instructions for every mission in this thread.

- Even duration is 14 days, counting from today.
- There are 7 missions, you can only take 1 daily.
- You need to complete previous mission to take the next one (eg: cannot take mission from second day without completing day 1)
- The delay between missions starts at the moment you take a mission (NO when you complete it)
- Missions are added daily during the first 7 days (Today, monday there will be only 1 mission avaliable of course)
- In this edition you can only complete the event with ONE character per ACCOUNT, the first npc will sign you up.
- You need atleast 5 missions completed to get rewards.
- Reward system will be different in this edition (see list below)

5 Completed missions
- Random evolution item

6 Completed missions
- Random TM

7 Completed missions
- Season Box (version 2)

Season box contains 1 of the following Pokemon
- Cubchoo
- Blitzle
- Ferroseed
- Joltik
- Pawniard
- Drilbur

Day 1 - Ice creams
Pedro Pistacho needs help with his ice creams shop

Some rules for this mission
- Only one player can get fruits from a tree at the time, it goes on a short cooldown after used.
- There are 6 trees/bushes for each fruit. (EXCEPT mangos, they are in many locations)
- You can only get fruits from each tree ONCE. (they have an ID so you can identify the ones you already used easier)
- Each tree will give you 5 fruits. (you need 30 of each) (EXCEPT mangos)
- The trees rotate their location every 3 hours (OR incase of reset OR if forced by CM+)
- Mango trees don't rotate and you can get as many fruits from them as you want.
- You can only hold 1 pot at the time but you can get as many as you need from the table.
- If you fail a step of the recipe you will be punished for 3 minutes. (can't cook)
- If you fail a step of the recipe you may lose some of the materials.
- To enter and exit from the kitchen you need to use this table
- You can only collect items if you have the mission active.
- Other instructions and requeriments are given by the NPC



- Fixed a bug causing fridges to dissapear.

- If for whatever reason you were interrupted while collecting (eg: logout, kick, dead, server restart) the NPC now has the option to restore your basket (you will need a new basket to collect again from the trees) BUT this will also remove all the fruits collected with your old basket!! (keyword is "basket")

WARNING: Due to abusers with Pedro Pistacho option to restore the basket, now this option will also remove the following items:
- base ice cream + lemon
- lemon ice cream
- base ice cream + pear
- pear ice cream
- ice cream dessert
- ice cream dessert with chocolate sauce

Day 2 - The restaurant

Sansa needs help in her restaurant

Some rules for this mission
- The map for the mission will be different for each players, there will be a total of 11 instances to avoid player bothering each other.
- If all instances are taken you must wait.
- You have 10 tries to complete this mission DAILY.
- There are 10 rounds.
- You complete the mission if you complete the 10 rounds.
- The customers won't display their names, you must try your best to memorize the orders.
- There is a timer for each round, the round begins when you leave the kitchen to take orders and finish when you deliver the last order AND GO BACK to the kitchen.
- If you run out of time you lose a try.
- If you deliver the food to the wrong customer you lose a try.
- If you deliver the wrong food you lose a try.
- If you back to the kitchen and didn't deliver all the requested food you lose a try. (delivering phase of course)
- You must wear the Waiter/Waitress outfit during this mission.

- To ask for oders stand in the possible positions to take orders and say "hi".
- You can only take orders in the "take orders" phase.

- Some customers won't order anything.
- Read carefuly what the customer orders.
- Always check the 6 possible positions to take orders.
- Check all the orders BEFORE going back in the kitchen.
- To take food from the kitchen click it and then use on you.
- To deliver food to the customer click it and the use on the customer.
- You can only pick food during the "pick food" phase.
- You can only deliver food during the "deliver food" phase.
- The correct proccess is: take all orders -> pick food -> deliver all food correctly -> back to kitchen and start next round.

Day 3 - Pirates

Jack Sparrow is looking for help!

Some rules for this mission
- There are 90 gold bars to be found.
- You may use the canoes or not, they are optional.
- You can only find gold once per positon.
- Explore all the islands

Day 4 - Baywatch

Is swimming season and the baywatch team is looking for new members!

Some rules and tips for this mission
- You can start the mission in any of the NPCs, they all have the same functionality. (You can even start the mission with one and finish with a different one)
- There are 4 possible beaches where complete this mission, each beach has 1 NPC and 100 swimmers.
- It is mandatory to use the canoes this time!
- To complete the mission you have to rescue 70 swimmers.
- You can fail up to 7 times. (you still have to rescue 70 swimmers)
- Failing wont reset your rescued counter.
- You have up to 90 seconds to rescue each swimmer.
- The timer starts when you confirm the "rescue" with the Baywatch NPC and finish when you click the canoe back with the rescued swimmer.
- If you come back without the swimmer you fail.
- After taking the swimmer to the coast you have to reanimate him with the medicine.
- You have up to 2 minutes to reanimate the swimmer otherwise you fail. (this is only for prevention so players won't get the swimmer stucks)
- If you go too far from the swimmer during the reanimation you fail.
- If you overdose the swimmer with medicine you lose.
- There is no limit to how many players can do this mission at the same time in each beach.
- You need be 1 SQM near the swimmer to rescue him.
- Swimmers in need will ask for help but do not get confused, if there are many players in the same beach it might be not your swimmer.

Video tutorial with tips

Day 5 - McDonald's

Zelricks needs help to deliver food to customers.

Some rules and tips for this mission
- There are 3 possible NPCs where to complete this mission, each restaurant has the same functionality.
- You can start the mission in a restaurant and continue in another, then go back to the first one, etc.

- You can start the mission in any of the NPCs, they all have the same functionality. (You can even start the mission with one and finish with a different one)
- Using the motor is optional.
- To complete the mission you have to complete 6 rounds.
- Each round has X amount of customer asking for food, each round becomes harder.
- READ CAREFULY each order.
- You can fail up to 7 times.
- If you fail you gotta start the round again, even if you already delivered food from this round.
- You have 30 minutes to complete each round.
- The timer starts when you READ the last "order" in the computer, and finish when you deliver the last order of the round.
- If you run out of time you get a fail. (remember: If you fail you gotta start the round again, even if you already delivered food from this round.)
- The order you deliver the food from each round doesn't matter. (eg: Round 1 needs deliver foor to celadon and cerulean, you can go to cerulean first then to celadon, or vice versa, just find the best route)
- Customers will only talk with you on their matching round and in DELIVER phase.
- To enter in deliver phase you gotta READ all the orders from the computer, if you didn't read them all you cannot pick food from the kitchen and customers won't talk with you.
- Please read careful "how to deliver" at the end.

How to deliver
- When you find the customers that made the order, say "hi", if it doesn't answer, is probably the wrong customer or you aren't in DELIVER phase. (did you read all the orders in the computer?)
- The customer will ask you what are you delivering, anything you say to it from this point counts, so becareful and dont say extra keywords (eg: yes, hi, whatever)
- If you didn't bring all the food from the order you get a fail.

How to tell the customer what are you delivering

- DO NOT pluralize the food names. (eg: do not write hamburgers, just hambuger, fries will always be fries is already plural)
- Separate each food from the order with a comma ",". (eg: customer wants a hamburger and a coca cola, you type: hamburger, coca cola)
- The system is not case sensitive so it doesn't matter if you use lower case or upper case or even mixed.
- The form you write the food from the "order" doesn't matter, customer will understand. (eg: customer asked for fries, hamburger and coca cola, and you write coca cola, fries, hamburger -> it works as long as you say the correct foods)
- If the customer asked for more than 1 unit of the same food you have to write "amout x name". (eg: customer asked for 2x fries, 3x hamburger and coca cola, you have to write: 2x fries, 3x hamburger, coca cola)
- Continuing previous rule it only applies when the customer asks for more than 1 unit! if customer only asked for single unit DO NOT type "1x".
- If you fail in one of these rules, you will fail the deliver, the round and eventually the whole mission, so be super careful.

Day 6 - Global warming

Victor needs your help to assist the burnt Pokemon.

I don't think I need to explain the rules for this mission, the NPC is self explanatory...

Some rules and tips for this mission
- If you use the wrong lotion you fail.
- You can fail up to 7 times.
- You need to heal 60 Pokemon to complete the mission, 20 of each degree.
- When you or someone else heals a Pokemon it will teleport to a different location in the same area.
- If you or someone else uses the wrong lotion on a Pokemon it will dissapear for 40 seconds. (Because it dies!!! :[ )
- Every item related to this mission dissapears when you start or finish the mission, so if you fail next time you try you have to start from 0!
- You can only collect items while you have this mission active.

Day 7 - Jack's dream

Jack Sparrow needs your help again!

The NPC explains almost all of it, but here are some tips.

Some rules and tips for this mission
- This time Jack is in a different location.
- You can fail up to 5 times daily, talk to the NPC for more information about this.
- Seriously, read everything the NPC says, he gives a lot of useful information.
- The map state is saved between server restarts, so don't worry.
- Collect a lot of extra materials in case you make mistakes, if you leave the room it counts as a failure.
- Don't trap yourself while building! If you do so, you will have to wait for the time to run out, no one is going to help you.
- Some pieces might not be where you think they are, pay attention.

- Every time you leave the room, the map will be reset.
- Here is a picture of what the base floor should look like, it's all the help you will get from us.
- The full mission was tested fully, not once, not twice, but 3 times, we know the full build is possible.

- We also increased the time limit for mission 5 from 30 minutes to 40 minutes.

- Due to the long wait for mission 2, we have decided to give 1 more day to finish the event.

Edit: 02/Jun/2016
The cooldown between missions system was reworked, and the delay for every player was reset!! so you may take the next mission (or repeat the mission you failed) without waiting the full duration. (assuming you still had to wait)
This only applies to people who had an active cooldown when the system was reworked, and WON'T have any effect in the future missions.

[FONT=Georgia]Hello guys! We'd like to inform you that Season Event starts... tomorrow!
Event will have the same form as year ago. 7 missions to do, only one mission can be done in one day. Watch forum, facebook or our website for more info tomorrow.[/FONT]
Hello guys, today we have implemented the mega transformation system, I will give some information of how the system works in this thread.

- Mega Pokemons will spawn around the PAPOI area.
- Mega Pokemons have a respawn time of 45 to 65 hours, not telling exact number to prevent campers.
- Respawn timer starts when the Pokemon is killed.
- Each Pokemon timer is independent (there could be 2 or more Mega Pokemon spawned at same time eventually)
- Mega Pokemon are not catchable.
- Mega Pokemon will always loot "Boss tokens".
- Mega Pokemon have a small chance to loot the "special transformation item"
- The "Boss tokens" and the special transformation item is not looted in the Pokemon defeated body but is given directly to the player (corpse owner)

There are 4 Mega Pokemon for now
- Mega Gardevoir
- Mega Blaziken
- Mega Banette
- Mega Altaria

- they will not spawn all at the same time during first day, but eventually they could spawn at same time.
- we DO plan to implement more megas in the future, but we decided to start with those 4 for now.

These Pokemon have a small chance to drop a special item
- Gardevoirite
- Altarianite
- Blazikenite
- Banettite

- the item doesn't dissapear after usage (you can use as many times as you want)
- after first usage it will be LINKED TO THE CHARACTER.
- you can sell/trade/throw to floor/market/etc these items
IF you HAVEN'T used it.
- obviously each item works on a specific Pokemon (do I really need to explain this?)
- the transformation duration is 6 hours.
- the delay between transformation is 12 hours.
- the delay starts after transformation is over.
- the delay is shared between all the items (if you have 2 or more items you cannot use both at same time)
- a NPC to exchange the boss tokens for rewards will be implemented later.

On June 1st we'll have Children's Day in many European countries.
For that occassion we decided to enable expx2 (players and pokes) and lootx2
from 27.05 until 30.05 in all servers