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Hi everyone! We would like to invite You all to patricipate in our new Valentine Drawing Contest!

- What do I have to do?
-It's simple
* Draw as best picture as you can
* Sign the picture with your character name
* Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread

- Are there any rules?
-Yes, here they are:
* Drawing subject: Valentine Pokemon picture
* The draw cannot be out of topic.
* Only real pictures are allowed, computer ones will not count, that does include coloring in any kind of graphic program. (means u can't do a sketch, then color it in paint or something)
* Sign with your character name on the draw is REQUIRED. Without this, the picture will be disqualified.
* We're not going to tolarate fake pictures, if we'll find out that you have posted draw from google or somewhere else, you may end up with banishment, that includes the idea.
* You can post max 3 pictures. Next ones will not count.
* Thread will be closed on 16/02/2016

- Rewards:
There are rewards for 3 best drawings only. You should make something great to get them. Check them out:

1st place:
+ + + +

2nd place:
+ + +

3rd place:
+ + +

- What will You judge?
-Our Jury will mostly look at:
* Idea
* Coloring / Inking
* Effort

Public Vote Reward:
[public vote will be done at 16/02/2016]

+ + + +

[FONT=Impact]Good Luck![/FONT]

PA Staff

Hello guys. We are going to organize PA Tournament 2016. Please, think twice before signing up




*Diamond [stage C and B]: 20/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Diamond [stage A]: 21/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

*Pearl [stage C and B]: 27/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Pearl [stage A]: 28/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

*Platinum [stage C and B]: 27/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1
*Platinum [stage A]: 28/02/2016, 20:00 GMT+1

- You can use any pokemon you want. Generally there are no limits, with one exception - pokemon cannot be repeated, that means you can't use 2 cloned arcanines or arcanine + cloned arcanine etc.
- Berries and flutes are allowed
- Pokemons cannot be shared between participants. Remember, that pokemons have their serials, it's easy to find it out.
- You can sign up with only one character
- If you will be offline while it is your turn to duel, you are going to be disqualified.
- Duels will be 4vs4
- semi finals and finals 6vs6

- If some stage won't have min. 15 players signed up, it will be canceled.
- If less than 10 players will be online, stage will be canceled.
- Rebalance changes will be applied until 10/02. That means some pokemons might change yet, but it will not happen after this day
- Reward list is not going to be changed
- Season box rewards have been changed: http://padventures.org/index.php/p/v/gui_box
- Bracket A 3rd place can choose 1 elemental box: Cold / Fire / Leaf
- Bracket B 3rd place can choose 1 elemental box: Cute / Scary / Dust / Aero

- Stage A = 0-130 lvl
- Stage B = 0-110 lvl
- Stage C = 0-80 lvl

- Signing up will be closed at 16/02
- If you have any question, you can ask in this thread. Signing up here is forbidden and will be ignored
Hi guys, this update will require you to redownload the client from our website, THE OLD UPDATER VERSION IS DEPRECATED.


This update includes:
- Sprite update
- Fixes in Hoenn corpses
- Compatibility for event Pokemon
- The new updater version -> old updater is deprecated

Current client version is: 9.4
Current updater version is: "PA Modern updater version 7"
If you want to participate

- post your nickname and world
- price

House is in Slateport city.
Starting price: 1k

If you are interested in getting this house:

- Post your nickname and world
- Price

@ Price starts with 1k

Hi guys,
We've decided to make auctions with few houses from hoenn. That is the first auction. House is in Petalburg City.

- How to participate
* Post your nickname
* Post your world
* Post your price

Price starts with 1k

#auction ends on 23:00 polish time [GMT+1]
Hi guys I wanted to inform you about the incoming changes to the servers and about the not-so-christmas event.

First of all, Hoenn in Diamond and Pearl.

With the next server restart, the current version of Hoenn (the one in Platinum) will be implemented in Diamond and Pearl, this mean that those world will have the Hoenn region and Pokemon BUT won't be receiving updates related to Hoenn frequently, Hoenn updates will still be tested in Platinum for atleast 2 weeks or more before being moved to Diamond/Pearl, UNLESS they are critical or map related bugs.

Changes to Platinum.

Platinum will receive a boost in the catch rate, the current 1.5 rate doesn't really help in the very rare Pokemon, so now will be doubled.
New catch rate: x3 (was x1.5 before)

Web changes.

The Hoenn cities and starter Pokemon will be avaliable in the character creation page from now on.

Finally, the not-so-christmas event.

The event will start in all worlds with the next restart, and will have a duration of 3 days (ends 05/01/2016), during the event duration christmas Pokemon will spawn in differents cities (Johto/Kanto regions) kill them to get points and collect items.

The event rewards and requeriments will be announced later on the week based on average points/items collected.
The main rewards is chance to get:

- Emolga
- Pachirisu
- Abomasnow
- Vanilluxe

Christmas Event rewards list + required amount of points
100x rocket balls for 100 points

1x rare candy for 250 points

random pokemon flute for 600 points

kanto box 3 for 700 points

johto box 3 for 900 points

addon bag for 1200 points

mewtwo island ticket for 1300 points

random evolution item for 1500 points (TM Ancient Power, TM rollout, TM Double Hit, dusk stone, razor claw, razor fang)

random tm for 1700 points

random evolution item for 1800 points (shiny stone, Mt Coronet Fragment, protector, magmarizer, electrizer)

present box for 2000 points (Emolga, Pachirisu, Abomasnow, Vanilluxe)

For players that originally got 700+ points, they can exchange bundles for points, but they have a limit and that depends on the original points that player obtained in event:
-700 points: +200 points
-900 points: +300 points
-1300 points: +400 points
-1500 points: +500 points

all rewards have a limit of 1 per player, except rare candy (3) and rocket balls (5)

Shiny Stone will allow you to evolve Roselia into Roserade, and Mt Coronet Fragment evolves Nosepass into Probopass.

[complains are not going to be considered, there is a lot of players who will get the main reward]