Hello guys,
Due to technical problems both servers will temporarily stay closed. Since Diamond does not kick when players are offline, in my theory there is something (item or an action that player does) that causes it. Since I am not a programmer I cannot check it, we have to wait for Jano. If you suspect that something you have been doing while kick could be causing it, post it please.

We are sorry for the incovenience. I can also open diamond but you will suffer of kicks (no crashes)

From 26.06 untill 30.06 we'll enable exp x2 for player and shiny x2.

PA Staff
Only for this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) the following items will be available in the premium shop:

- key to the Ultra Wormhole, 30 points.
- Mewtwo's Island ticket (second), 20 points.
- bait box, 20 points.

* bait box contains randomly one of the following items: James bait, Jessie bait, Misty bait, Johto bait, Hoenn bait, Meowth bait (very low chance).
* in platinum you can use ingame diamonds to get these items.
With latest restart fishing system has been reworked, in this thread I will list the changes.

- Pokemons fished by rods are not region binded anymore, this means you can fish Pokemons from any region anywhere.
- Baits (held items) can now be equipped in fishing rods for additional effects.
- Baits (held items) equipped in Pokemons have no effect now, instead they have to be equipped in rods.
- Equipping a bait improves the fishing rate plus the effect of the bait.
- A new rod have been added, master fishing rod, it will be obtainable by a quest that will be added during this week.
- Depending on rods/baits used you can fish additional Pokemons at once.
- Boosted fishing experience by 50%.
- Fishing experience is now affected by server experience rate.
- Small chance to fish treasures with super/ultra/master rod.
- Fishing a treasure gives a big amount of fishing experience.
- Cooldown for fishing depends on rod used, better rods have a bigger cooldown.
- A lot of new Pokemons can now be fished.
- Ultra and master rod requires a premium account to be used.
- Achievement 135 can now be completed. (hehehe)

- To equip a bait in your rod, use the fishing rod on the bait.
- To dequip a bait from your rod, use the fishing rod on itself.

[QUOTE]You see an old fishing rod.
Maximum allowed baits: 1.
Cooldown: 2 ~ 3 seconds.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]You see a great fishing rod.
Maximum allowed baits: 1.
Cooldown: 4 ~ 5 seconds.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]You see a super fishing rod.
Maximum allowed baits: 1.
Cooldown: 6 ~ 8 seconds.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]You see an ultra fishing rod.
This rod requires a bait.
Maximum allowed baits: 1.
Cooldown: 9 ~ 10 seconds.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]You see a master fishing rod.
This rod requires a bait.
Maximum allowed baits: 2.
Cooldown: 10 ~ 15 seconds.[/QUOTE]

Quest for getting master rod have been added:

- You can start it south from Lavender.
- It requires having ultra rod.
- You need a team of 4 players.
- Yes it is same as day 7 of season event 3, for the ones who remember it.
These are the rewards for daily login during June, available from June 01 till July 01.

Free list:

Premium list:

- You can join both lists.
- You can only join each list with one character per account.
- You can only join each list with maximum two accounts per PLAYER.

Hi guys, at 25/06/2020 we'll do database cleanup. All characters that are:
0-30 level that didn't log in for 2 months
31-60 level that didn't log in for 6 months
61-100 level that didn't log in for 2 years
all characters that were deleted or account blocked
all characters that were erased by the owner


If you don't want your character to be removed, log in to the game.
From 22.05 untill 01.06 we'll enable Donation Promotion and exp x2 for pokemons, loot x2 + catch x2.
During this time you will receive 50% more points.
Additionaly, who donate 30+ points will receive a ticket to join in our lottery!**

You can expect Red Gyarados and Crystal Onix in this lottery!
**Each account only can use 2 tickets to join in our lottery.

**Player can get as many tickets as he want
**Tickets are tradable
**Oh Dosnyan! if i have 50 accounts can i join with all?, Yes if you have tickets enough for all xD

Ps: All pokemons from lottery aren't created by staff, they are from accounts that got deleted!

You can expect a new outfit in our Premium Shop!

Pikachu Outfit

Global Party Duel Tournament 2020

Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there. It will cost 3 diamond


- You can duel with only 1 pokemon that has baton pass or hold back (you can still carry more than 1 to tournament world, but u cannot use more than 1 during the duel)
- You can carry only 1 special pokemon (crystal/red/elder/mega/tapus).
- No limits to cloned pokemons.
- Smeargle is not allowed
- Cant be copy aka arcanine + cloned arca or houndoom + shiny houndoom
-party cannot have two the same pokemons, for example if your partner has Arcanine, you cannot have the same pokemon.
- Max 2 shinies Allowed
- You cannot share pokemons with other participants - You can sign up with only 1 character
- Your character must be of level 110. Your pokemons should be of level minimum 120. If you want to carry lower levels, then with your own responsibility.
- duels will be 2vs2
- Flutes and berries are allowed
- Only 1 held of each type is allowed
- Its forbidden use ring target, destiny knot and reset urge helds

* Each rule about pokemon/helds apply per player.

Additional Info:

- You can sign up in this thread or just log in to tournament world at 20:00 GMT +2 to be added to bracket. If you log in later, don't be expecting to be on the list.
- Adding to brackets starts at 19:30 GMT+2. Duels will start 1 hour later. If you want to be on the list, you have to be online at 19:30.
- Date: 23/05/2020


- 1st place: Chosen Pokemon* / Garchomp golden trophy / addon bag / tm case 16
- 2nd place: Cloned Box / Gabite silver thropy / addon bag / tm case 17
- 3rd place: Pikachu cosplay** / Gible bronze trophy / addon bag / tm case 18

* Options to choose from: Ash Greninja, Mega Houndoom, Mega Sceptile

* Pikachu cosplay with full moveset and TM set + 1 unique spell depending on which cosplay winner choose.

These are the rewards for daily login during may, available from May 01 till June 01

Premium rewards for may:

You can join both lists.

Small info in order to exchange 100 mega lopunny tokens for a stone you will need 200 lvl (they are character binded btw)

We will punish daily abusers that are creating several accounts in order to gain more rewards. Currently we allow 2 accounts per person, thank you for understanding.
With latest update we have added daily login system, in this thread I will explain how it works on PA.

You can get rewards for logging in every day (change based on server time), we will change the rewards monthly and there will be also 2 list of rewards available all the time for new players and players that are returning to Padventures.

- a player is considered as a new player when the oldest character in his account is not older than 1 month ago.
- a player is considered as a returning player when the account has been inactive for 6 months or more, after the first login it will be considered as a returning player during 1 month.
- you can join every list of rewards with 1 character per account.
- some rewards may be character binded.
- during weekends (saturday and sunday) you can advance days, that you missed for not logging in, by doing special tasks included in the system, 1 task per day meaning you can advance maximum 2 days every weekend.
- these tasks are only available for lists with a limited range of dates, tasks won't advance days in "new player" and "returning player" lists.
- you cannot advance further than current day by doing a task.
- during the last days of April we will be testing the system for this purpose we created a simple list of rewards, in May we will announce the official list for May.

Test list:

New player list:

- 70 pokeballs
- 75 great potions
- 55 great balls
- 75 super potions
- 40 revive
- kanto box 2
- 3 premium days
- 55 super balls
- 1 silver PA coin
- 100 ultra balls
- 100 ultra potions
- 1 rare candy
- extra experience ticket (2 hours)
- extra catch ticket (5 hours)

Returning player list:

- 30 hyper potions
- 35 revive
- 100 super balls
- 1 silver PA coin
- 1 rare candy
- 7 premium days
- extra experience ticket (5 hours)
- 50 full revive
- 100 ultra balls
- 100 hyper potions
- 75 rocket balls
- extra catch ticket (8 hours)
- 1 golden PA coin
- 1 random held item box