- Skip login waiting list.
- Access to make private ingame channels.
- Access to reach premium zones with new areas for exploration, quests and unique spawns.
- Access to use unique premium outfits.
- Store more items in your depot (max. 2000, default 1000).
- Add more friends in your VIP list (max. 100, default 25).
- Access to use !afk command.
- Access to the automated advertisement with NPC Adman on PVP Zone.
- Access to participate in premium lotteries.
- Access to buy bigger houses.
- 30% of discount in house and guildhall purchase/rent fees.
- Access to make offers in Pokémon and Items markets.
- Access to make auctions for buying houses and guildhalls.

How to be Premium?

- Get 10 diamonds. (Buy them from players ingame or exchange premium points)
- Find NPC Sr. Eko in any city.
- Ask him for premium and confirm.
- Congratulations! You are now premium.

Access to unique Pokémon skills

On some Pokemon you can:
- Surf on water.
- Dive underwater.
- Ride on your Pokemon.
- Fly through the skies.
- Teleport to any city, your house and your guild's hall.

How to donate?

- Login in your account in the website.
- Select the "Donate" menu.
- Select your donation method.
- Confirm your information.
- Receive the premium points.


- You should login in the character you want to get the diamonds.
- We are looking for new ways to donate to our servers, soon we will have new alternatives for other countries.