Hi everyone! We would like to invite you all to participate in our new Drawing Contest!

Pokémon on Vacations

What do I have to do?
It's simple
* Draw as best picture as you can
* Sign the picture with your character name
* Take photo of picture or scan it and post in this thread

Are there any rules?
Yes, here they are
[*]Max 3 drawings
[*] Only real life drawings allowed.
[*] Other kingo of real life art is allowed as well
[*]Drawing cannot contain anythining that is against game rules. It also cannot be porn related.
[*]Drawing must besigned with your character name.
[*]Drawing must be done by you, not by uncle google.
[*]You can get inspired with pictures from internet, but you cannot make them the same nor very similar.
[*]Drawing Pokémon out of screen is not a good idea. We'll notice it and eventually give you less points than you may deserve


Now, tell me about rewards
There are rewards for 3 best drawings only. You should make something great to get them. Check them out:
1st place 60 days of premium, golden trophy, shiny box, addon backpack, TM Natural Gift
2nd place 30 days of premium, silver trophy, pikachu cosplay, addon backpack, TM Case 11
3rd place 15 days of premium, bronze trophy, elemental box, addon backpack, TM Case 3

Special rewards Everyone who join can spect some small gift even if you dind't win in the best of 3

What will You judge?
Our Jury will mostly look at:
* Idea
* Coloring / Inking / Shading
* Effort

Thread will be closed 25.07

Good Luck!

PA Staff

Please, limit yourself to post pictures, or ask anything, if you have doubts. Any other posts will be removed.
Hello, We have just announced Facebook Lottery,
you can check details HERE

For sharing the post on your profile, you'll get 5 days of premium for free + 1 lottery ticket.
For sharing the post on any gaming, pokemon or multi subjective group you will receive 1 lottery ticket.
You can share it on max 3 groups to receive max 3 tickets.
Please, if you see that someone already shared the pic in some group, try to find another one not to cause spam

If you share this picture on gaming, pokemon, tibia, ots or multi subjective forum you will receive 1 share token.
You can post it on max 3 forums to receive 3 share tokens.
If you post it on 3 forum + 2 additional facebook groups you will receive 5 share tokens in total.

You can later exchange share tokens + quiz tokens (together) for Zeraora (electric pokemon from Alola) (you can still get the other pokemon for quiz tokens too).

Once you post it on any forum:
1. Post your nickname here
2. Post link to forum or screenshot of your post (+ 2nd screenshot 2 days later)

Once you post it on facebook group:
1. Post your nickname here
2. post link to forum or screenshot of your post (+2nd screenshot 2 days later)

3rd Alolan Island just have been launched. For now it has no quests, but they will be successfully added in some time.
There's new spawn of the following Mega Pokemons:
- Mega Diancie
- Mega Garchomp
- Mega Mawile
- Mega Abomasnow
- Mega Blastoise

New Spawns
- Fight 175 [level gate]
- Grass 210 [level gate] ---> there will be spawn of Leafeon - Shiny Leafeon. The second one will be catchable.
- Electric 150 [level gate]
- Electric 50 [no level gate]
- Ice 45+ [no level gate]
- Ice 200 [level gate] ----> there will be spawn of Glaceon - Shiny Glaceon. The second one will be catchable.
- Psychic 215 [level gate]
- Dragon 100+ [no level gate]
- Dragon 50+ [no level gate]
- Fighting 40+ [no level gate]
- Ghost 40+ [no level gate]
- Ghost 80+ [level gate]
and others!

to get there use t Malie

Every Account received 3 free premium days!
From 05.07 until 12.07 we'll enable Donation Promotion. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points or more will receive Outfit Ticket* and Addon Bag 2*
Additionaly, we'll launch 3rd Island of Alola.

Outfits from ticket:

Addon from Addon Bag 2

Hi guys,
Since we are having summer now, here we come with some attractions.

It will be done every 2 days here on forum. To participate you'll have to buy a ticket, which costs 100 HD. First game starts this Monday 1/07/2019. There will be many nice rewards for Guessing the right numbers.

6 - Mega Evolution item
5 - Cloned Box
4 - Random New TM
3 - Decoration

Any further informations will be posted in a special thread for Lotto Games.

A simple Blue vs Red fight. Winner will receive PVP Flag, that could be exchanged for rewards such as new TMs or unique Pokemon Meltan.
Automatic event does not count, only the one announced by me or a CM/GM for few minutes before with red letters.
25 flags = Pokemon <- 1 per person
23 flags = NEW TM <- 1 per person
20 Flags = Old TM <- 1 per person
18 Flags = Cloned Ticket <- 1 per person
15 Flags = Box 3 <- 2 per person
4 Flags = Decoration <- 5 per person

The quiz will be done on special area with green and red board. Players will be asked 10 questions. If the answer is yes / truth then have to walk on the green board. If the answer is no / false, then have to walk on the red board.
Every question must be answered within 10 seconds. Players, that answer wrong are out of the game. Players, that answer 10 questions correctly will receive Quiz Token + another small reward. Tokens can be exchanged for bigger rewards. Main prize is a unique Pokemon (not decided yet which, you can suggest it down below). Quiz will be done twice a day.

Random 3 online players will receive some random rewards every day. It can be a TM, days of premium, Boxes, Decorations, Addons, Outfits, Rare Candies.

Mini lotteries with small amount of rewards as well as small amount of tickets. It will be done in random days. Lucky ones will get a ticket! Schedule can be found down below.

A big Lottery with big amount of rewards and tickets. Such lottery will appear only once in August.

Every weekend, starting in Friday, there will be an exp boost for Pokemons of certain element, during this time they'll be giving twice more exp, than usual.

Everyday rights of strong bosses/legends, including new ones such as Meloetta or Deoxys

5 players that did highest damage on the boss will receive a boss token, which can be later exchanged for Deerling summer form (sawsbuck summer form) and many other rewards such as TMs, Boxes, tickets, outfits and decorations. It counts only for raids announced with red letters and includes those, that are NOT mentioned in summer schedule.
Note, that each player can get token only once a day and most important thing - players using feint and selfdestruction during raids will be excluded.

Duel Tournament with your own Pokemons will be done in September. You have enough time to prepare yourselves :)

First Exp Tournament ever. If you are not a dueler, it's a perfect thing for you!
Players will receive one starter Pokemon to exp for 120-150 minutes. It will be not possible to use other pokemons to avoid abuse of a glitch with throwing balls on the ground, catch will be disabled as well. Player who returns with highest level Pokemon wins. Simple, right? Don't worry, we'll rebalance starter Pokemons before it happens as well, as we'll let you choose what to exp. Character level does not matter, everyone will be 30 ;)

Racing Tournament is also for people who do not like to duel. Every player will receive a car. The first one to appear on the finish will win the round. Your character level does not matter, everyone will have the same speed.

Mini events will be done twice a week. You can participate in one of the following:
* Robots
* Dice
* Roulette
* Memory
* Tic Tac Toe
* Street Duel
* Grass/Fire/Water (rock/paper/scissors)
* Hide & Seek
* Others

Mini Events tutorials will appear on padventures.info next week.

Other events such as;
- Double Exp
- Double Loot
- Double Catch
- Faster Shiny Spawn
- Donation Promotion(s)
- Street Duel Tournament (no date)[/SIZE]
- Contests

To check schedule register on forum!
Hello Guys,
As every year at 1/06 in few European countries we celebrate Children's Day. For this occasion we'll enable some events.

From 31/05 to 3/06
Donation promotion in which you will get 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points or more (base) will get summoner outfit (base) + kids gift box (decos/tickets (frond/twin rocks/cute)/key to the ultra wormhole/tms)

Boost (+1 to stage) for:
Shiny Spawn <- faster spawn

Free Lottery
Easter Events starts today: 21/04 and ends in 25/04. Each person can use max 2 characters! Players that cheat will be punished.
To join the event say !event. After this you can start searching eggs or killing pokemons.

This is individual mission in which you have to find 130 kinder surprise eggs that are split all around the map. Some eggs may be hidden inside chests and others. Premium is required to be able to reach places where some eggs are hidden.
For completing this mission you'll receive random TM00-201 excluding selfdestruction, natural gift and few weak tms like thunder bolt, smart strike etc and an orange easter key.

This is as well individual mission. Here you have to defeat 1000 easter Pokemons. For completing this mission you'll receive a blue easter key and a new pokemon, only if you finish both mission.
[spoiler]Positions where you can find spawns on easter pokemons:
{x = 3989, y = 3149, z = 6}
{x = 3988, y = 3147, z = 2}
{x = 4009, y = 2961, z = 6}
{x = 3679, y = 3035, z = 6}
{x = 3677, y = 3069, z = 7}
{x = 3470, y = 3113, z = 7}
{x = 3443, y = 3540, z = 7}
{x = 3432, y = 3475, z = 7}
{x = 3468, y = 3419, z = 6}
{x = 3646, y = 3365, z = 7}
{x = 4087, y = 3273, z = 7}
{x = 4215, y = 3038, z = 7}
{x = 4487, y = 4029, z = 7}
{x = 4116, y = 4168, z = 7}
{x = 3047, y = 4759, z = 8}
{x = 2859, y = 4665, z = 7}
{x = 2426, y = 4790, z = 7}
{x = 2117, y = 4558, z = 7}
{x = 2169, y = 4291, z = 7}
{x = 2143, y = 4696, z = 7}[/spoiler]

This mission will be available in Tuesday or Wednesday. It is Global mission for each server. For completing Eggs Hunt and Pokemons Hunt you have received two keys. They can open locked eggs that are split all around the map, but this time in many hard places, quests, spawns etc. Each player can open only 1 egg of each color (orange and blue). There are 100 blue eggs and 100 orange eggs so to let server success you have to work together.
If your server win, we'll add respawn of Goomy (Goodra is the final evolution).

From this event you can get Random TM001 to 201 as well as one of the following pokemon:
Shiny Fletchling
Shiny Roggenrola
Shiny Skrelp
Sawsbuck (spring version)
Goomy (if your server success)

New Pokemons will be available in the end of this week after client update. If you receive one of the new tms, please don't be worried if it doesn't work, we're currently finishing them and it takes a lot of time to add to several pokemons and set the right damage.

Threads with spoils for eggs positions are FORBIDDEN!
From 19/04 until 23/04 we'll enable Easter Donation Promotion. During this time you'll get 50% more points. Everyone, who donates for 30 points (base) or more will also get Citizen Outfit + Easter Lottery Ticket

Questions and answers
Will be there an Easter Event?
- Yes, probably this weekend.

How will be the Easter Event?
- Something basic that was before. Eggs hunt + Pokemon hunt (server+individual work) as we want to focus on finishing 3rd island of alola

What rewards will be from Easter Event?
- Fletchling / Shiny Fletchling
- Roggenrola / Shiny Roggenrola
- Skrelp / Shiny Skrelp
- Spring Sawsbuck (has different moveset than winter one)
one of those will be obtainable AFTER server successfuly finishes the event. We haven't decided which one yet.

Will be there something else besides of Easter Event?
- Yes, maybe exp boost, loot boost, faster shiny spawn
When will third island of Alola be launched?
- Probably soon after Easter.

Which Pokemons can learn new TMs?
- The list will be provided in Friday or earlier.

How we'll be able to obtain new Tms?
- Easter Event, later they will be added to loot, maybe task system except of natural gift and selfdestruction

How we'll be able to get Natural Gift and Selfdestruction?
- The first one will be rare only from lotteries, contests and tournaments. The second one will be less rare, obtainable the same way as the first one, but also mini events.

How can we obtain New Mega pokemons?
- They will be spawning on third Alolan Island, Mega Heracross can be obtained for over a year thanks to existing secret achievement that nobody knows about. I can only give you a hint that it is related to some of previous events, but can be done any time, even now.

Where Pokemons for lotteries come from?
- Many of them are from deleted players, that we are sure of giving no second chances for. Some are created by staff.

When will be next, free or paid lottery?

- We are not planning on adding free lotteries anymore. They will always be paid for in-game money for low or higher price. We're planning to do mini lotteries with low amount of rewards and tickets for lucky players that are online at the moment of announcing lottery. It will be probably done every 1 or 2 weekends. (with smaller rewards than usual, as mentioned, that's gonna be a mini lottery). Big lotteries will be done with some occasion, for example next one for children's day 1/06. We don't plan to add more lotteries like this one this year anymore.

How many tickets can we get?
- Max 2 per person.

How many tickets can I get?

- As many as you want, but you can use only 2

Can I sell Easter lottery ticket in game to other players?
- Yeah

- Where can I see list of rewards?


Since Easter is incoming, we are organizing a drawing contest!

What to do:
- Draw a real life picture.
- Theme: EASTER
- Sign your picture with your character name
- Scan your picture or take a photo of it and post in this thread.

- Only real pictures are allowed, computer ones will not count, that does include coloring in any kind of graphic program. (means u can't do a sketch, then color it in paint or something)
- Sign with your character name on the draw is REQUIRED. Without this, the picture will be disqualified.
- We're not going to tolarate fake pictures, if we'll find out that you have posted draw from google or somewhere else, you may end up with banishment
- You can post max 3 pictures. We'll choose the best one.
- Thread will be closed at 16/04/2019
- You can participate in both currently running contests, however you can win only once.

1st place: Shiny Pokemon* + TM Natural Gift* + 60 days of premium + Ticket* + Addon Bag
* You can choose Shiny version of new Pokemons that would be available in Easter Event (if there will be any) OR you can choose Shiny Box
** If you don't want this TM (it's gonna ba available only from contests and tournaments) or any other TM from 156 to 200.
*** You can choose which ticket you want: Cloned / Ultra Wormhole Key / Twin Rocks/ Cute / other?

2nd place: Box* + TM156-200 + 30 days of premium + Ticket* + Addon Bag
* You can choose any Box 4 (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn) or Elemental.
** You can choose which ticket you want: Cloned / Ultra Wormhole Key / Twin Rocks/ Cute / other?

3rd place: Box 3 + TM Case 7 + 14 days of premium + Addon Bag

What we will judge:
- Idea
- Coloring / Inking / Shading*
*in case you don't clor but leave it black&white
- Effort
- Quality

There will also be winner of players' choice with TM Case / New TM as a reward. We'll decide later if there will be a poll or we'll be asking 30-50 random players for opinion.