- greetings npcs with right click will only work when on range of the npc
- increased the range of nurse joy
- pokemon market now displays all addons
- pokedex remake, check news for more information
-Removed an old restriction that disabled player's outfits addons when premium status expired.

-!quests command now displays your amount of finished quests.

-Questlog notifications have been enhanced. You will get notified when you start, advance or finish a quest, along with its name.

-Added 3 new Account Modification offers in Premium Shop (website only)
-You can extend your VIP list permanently with some of these offers.

-Houses and guildhalls payment warnings have been reset.
-Following next restart, house and guildhalls payment will be monthly, and sqm price (per tile) will be 140 dollars.
Players of free status know they have to pay a more expensive price (130%).
- Items from boss split system will be transfered directly into autoloot now.
- Right click on npcs will auto greet the npc.
- Left click on highlighted words (the blue words) in npc chat will auto send the clicked word.
- Added missing Pokemon to market.
- Fixed part of the designer quest that involved using the airplane.
-Added new command "!ability name" to know which Pokemon learn an specific ability.
-Safari Balls and Clefable tail can be sold/bought on items market.
-Added time left counter to resurrect Cranidos from Skull Fossil.
-You can now teleport in other characters of your account to your house as long as they are in the same world of the house's owner.
-New vending machine (in Casino, Event Area) for use with PA coins you win in events

bronze PA coin
[QUOTE]Abra toy, Absol toy, Aggron toy, Alakazam toy, Alakazam toy, Ambipom toy, Arcanine toy, Arceus toy, Articuno toy, Attack Deoxys toy, Bellossom statue, Bellossom toy, Bronzong toy, Bulbasaur statue, Celebi toy, Charmander statue, Cloyster toy, Cradily toy, Crawdaunt toy, Cyndaquil toy, Deletera ticket, Delibird toy, Deoxys toy, Dewgong toy, Donphan toy, Dragonair toy, Dragonite toy, Drapion toy, Dusknoir toy, Dustox toy, Eevee statue, Elder Charizard toy, Electabuzz figurine, Electivire toy, Electrode toy, Elekid toy, Entei toy, Espeon statue, Espeon toy, Exeggcute toy, Feraligatr toy, Feraligatr toy, Flareon statue, Flygon toy, Froslass toy, Furret toy, Gallade toy, Gardevoir toy, Girafarig toy, Glaceon toy, Glaceon toy, Gligar toy, Gliscor toy, Granbull toy, Groudon toy, Growlithe statue, Growlithe toy, Gyarados toy, Hariyama toy, Hitmonchan toy, Honchkrow toy, Houndoom toy, Houndour figurine, Hypno toy, Infernape figurine, Jolteon statue, Jolteon toy, Jynx toy, Kingler toy, Lanturn toy, Lapras toy, Latias toy, Latios toy, Leafeon toy, Leafeon toy, Ledian toy, Lickilicky toy, Lucario toy, Luxray toy, Machamp toy, Magby toy, Magcargo toy, Magmar figurine, Magmortar toy, Mamoswine toy, Medicham toy, Meganium toy, Metagross toy, Mew toy, Mewtwo toy, Mightyena toy, Milotic toy, Mismagius toy, Moltres toy, Mr Mime toy, Ninetales toy, Omastar toy, Onix toy, Palkia toy, Parasect toy, Pidgeot toy, Pikachu statue, Pokemon toy box, Poliwhirl toy, Poliwrath toy, Ponyta statue, Porygon toy, Porygon-Z toy, Porygon2 toy, Primeape toy, Probopass toy, Psyduck figurine, Raichu toy, Raikou toy, Regice toy, Regirock toy, Rhydon toy, Rhyhorn statue, Rhyperior toy, Riolu toy, Salamence toy, Sandlash toy, Sandshrew statue, Scizor toy, Sealeo toy, Sentret toy, Shiny Espeon toy, Shiny Umbreon toy, Skarmory toy, Slakoth toy, Snorlax toy, Snubbull toy, Spinarak toy, Squirtle statue, Steelix toy, Suicune toy, Sunflora figurine, Swampert toy, Sylveon toy, TM015 Hyper Beam, TM028 X-Scissor, TM030 Shadow Ball, TM045 Attract, TM064 Struggle Bug, TM066 Parabolic Charge, TM070 Flash Cannon, Tangela toy, Tangrowth toy, Tauros toy, Teddiursa figurine, Tentacruel toy, Togepi toy, Torterra toy, Tropius toy, Typhlosion toy, Tyranitar toy, Umbreon statue, Vaporeon statue, Venomoth toy, Venonat toy, Wailord toy, Walrein toy, Weavile toy, Wobbuffet toy, Yanmega toy, Zangoose toy, Zapdos toy, rare candy[/QUOTE]

silver PA coin
[QUOTE]Absol figurine, Aerodactyl trophy, Ampharos figurine, Arcanine disguise, Big Snorlax plush, Butterfree statue, Celebi figurine, Charizard trophy, Cloned Jynx figurine, Corsola aquarium, Cubchoo figurine, Cyndaquil figurine, Dawn stone, Deletera ticket, Electabuzz trophy, Flareon figurine, Glaceon figurine, Goldeen aquarium, Gyarados trophy, Jirachi figurine, Jynx figurine, Kyogre toy, Lairon potion, Lapras trophy, Luvdisc aquarium, Machamp trophy, Magikarp aquarium, Mew figurine, Mewtwo figurine, Mewtwo's Island ticket, Milotic statue, Mimikyu figurine, Munchlax toy, Phanpy ball, Pikachu cosplay box, Pokemon toy box, Pokémon cup, Popplio aquarium, Primeape trophy, Rayquaza toy, Riolu cosplay, Rowlet figurine, Skarmory potion, Snorlax figurine, Steelix trophy, TM001 Sheer Cold, TM002 Dragon Claw, TM003 Water Pulse, TM005 Roar, TM006 Toxic, TM010 Rock Blast, TM012 Bug Buz, TM013 Ice Beam, TM015 Hyper Beam, TM019 Giga Drain, TM022 Solar Beam, TM024 Thunder Bolt, TM028 X-Scissor, TM029 Psychic, TM030 Shadow Ball, TM034 Bulldoze, TM035 Flamethrower, TM038 Fire Blast, TM042 Crunch, TM043 Dragon Pulse, TM051 Icebreaker, TM052 Aqua Jet, TM053 Power Split, TM061 Gunk Shot, TM063 Rock Slide, TM064 Struggle Bug, TM066 Parabolic Charge, TM070 Flash Cannon, TM082 Nuzzle, TM086 Fake Tears, TM087 Poison Jab, TM088 Air Shot, TM089 Mud, TM090 Icicle Spear, TM092 Play Rough, TM095 Pound, TM098 Baby-doll eyes, TM118 Tsunami, TM126 Venom Drench, TM138 Aurora Sphere, TM146 Ominous Wind, TM153 Gear Grind, TM154 Smart Strike, Vaporeon aquarium, Venusaur trophy, Weedle cosplay, basket, experience ticket, rare candy, sleeping Espeon plush, sleeping Glaceon plush, sleeping Leafeon plush, sleeping Sylveon plush, sleeping Umbreon plush[/QUOTE]

golden PA coin
[QUOTE]Cloned Electabuzz trophy, Dawn stone, Frond Island ticket, Red Gyarados trophy, TM Ancient Power, TM Double Hit, TM001 Sheer Cold, TM003 Water Pulse, TM004 Psycho Cut, TM007 Draco Meteor, TM008 Lava Plume, TM009 Bullet Seed, TM010 Rock Blast, TM011 Pursuit, TM012 Bug Buz, TM013 Ice Beam, TM014 Blizzard, TM016 Ancient Power, TM017 Doom Desire, TM018 Rain Dance, TM019 Giga Drain, TM020 Frenzy Plant, TM021 Fly Attack, TM022 Solar Beam, TM023 Meteor Mash, TM025 Thunder, TM026 Earthquake, TM027 Dark Pulse, TM032 Tri Attack, TM036 Sludge Rain, TM037 Sandstorm, TM039 Discharge, TM040 Aerial Ace, TM041 Sky Uppercut, TM042 Crunch, TM043 Dragon Pulse, TM044 Fissure, TM046 Hydropump, TM047 Steel Wing, TM048 Shadow Storm, TM049 Beat Up, TM050 Overheat, TM051 Icebreaker, TM052 Aqua Jet, TM053 Power Split, TM054 Super Power, TM055 Rock-smash, TM056 Sky Attack, TM057 Tornado, TM058 Shadow Blast, TM059 Venom Blast, TM060 Poison Gas, TM061 Gunk Shot, TM062 Mud Bomb, TM065 Infestation, TM067 Wild Charge, TM068 Dragon Rush, TM069 Petal Blizzard, TM071 Double Team, TM072 Dizzy Punch, TM074 Falling Rocks, TM075 Ice Storm, TM076 Last Resort, TM077 Venom Storm, TM078 Eruption, TM079 Metal Burst, TM080 Whirlpool, TM081 Dragon Wave, TM082 Nuzzle, TM083 Grassy Terrain, TM084 Moon Blast, TM085 Night Daze, TM091 Dazzling Gleam, TM093 Rock Polish, TM094 Disarming Voice, TM096 Stored Power, TM097 Metal Sound, TM099 Quiver Dance, TM100 Fairy Wind, TM101 Epicenter, TM102 Psyblast, TM103 Reversal, TM104 Blast Burner, TM105 Circular Explosion, TM106 Boomburst, TM107 Chip Away, TM108 Echoed Voice, TM109 Play Nice, TM110 Sleep Talk, TM111 Fire Pledge, TM112 Flame Blitz, TM113 Force Palm, TM114 Bulk Up, TM115 Brine, TM116 Liquidation, TM117 Surf, TM118 Tsunami, TM119 Air Pressure, TM120 Hurricane, TM121 Fascade, TM122 Grass Whistle, TM123 Magical Leaf, TM124 Power Whip, TM125 Venoshock, TM127 Electric Storm, TM128 Eerie Impulse, TM129 Electro Blast, TM130 Magnitude, TM131 Thousand Arrows, TM132 Psychic Terrain, TM133 Synchronoise, TM134 Rock Storm, TM135 Rock Power, TM136 Aurora Veil, TM137 Ice Shards, TM139 Lunge, TM140 Rage Powder, TM141 U Turn, TM142 Clanging Scales, TM143 Dragon Storm, TM144 Draco Pulse, TM145 Twister, TM147 Curse Pledge, TM148 Grudge, TM149 Shadow Claws, TM150 Snarl, TM151 Brutal Swing, TM152 Magnetic Shock, TM153 Gear Grind, TM155 Misty Terrain, TM156 Fairy Blade, addon bag, basket, cute ticket, dusk stone, empty rocket ball, rare candy, razor claw, razor fang, twin rocks ticket[/QUOTE]

Coins are stackable and can be sold and bought in items market.
-Added counter for Spring Balls.
-Added 2 new kits to Premium Shop (Bath Tub, Miniature House).

-Notifications of 30 days old get erased.
-Added Pokémon to Test Room:
[QUOTE]snivy, servine, serperior
tepig, pignite, emboar
oshawott, dewott, samurott
zorua, zoroark(summon)
cryogonal (summon)
ferroseed (enemy), ferrothorn (enemy)
pawniard (enemy)
froakie (enemy), frogadier (enemy), greninja (enemy)
malamar (summon)
frillish (summon), jellicent (summon)
petilil (summon), lilligant (summon)
cottonee (summon), whimsicott (summon)
shiny lucario (summon)
shiny leafeon (summon), shiny glaceon (summon)
vivillonarc (summon)
shiny stantler (summon)
-Spring Balls can be sold and bought in items market.
-Pokedex now displays which Pokemon can evolve when used on an evolutionary item.
-Added outfits from past Halloween to Premium Shop

Gothic Loli
Fox Girl
Doctor Strange
Mismagius+Umbreon cosplay
Creepy Companion
- enabled the ping function
- you can use items (eg: revives/potions) directly on the pokemon window now.