Mega Venusaur
- Added 5 more days to complete the battle pass, if you already completed it and you received tasks even after completing it, completing these tasks will do nothing so don't waste your time.
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Daily Login for June
Command !gift will be available till the end of year, in this opportunity it contains:

- a random TM Case (1-21)
- a new Pokemon (Glastrier)
There are now few forum styles that you can choose to use!
You change it on the left bottom of forum

Mere-Shore (Cyndaquil)


Mere-Dark (Sableye)

Mere-Minis (Sylveon)

Default Style (blue)

We've updated the forum to a more modern look
Added 30 new TMs to game (3 new TM Cases)

TM Case 19
1. TM202 Fling
2. TM203 Flutterby
3. TM204 Toxication
4. TM205 Entrainment
5. TM206 Lightning Storm
6. TM207 Airstream
7. TM208 Twinkle Star
8. TM209 Dragon Lullaby
9. TM210 Chi Strike
10. TM211 Smack Down

TM Case 20
1. TM212 Quicksand
2. TM213 Electrify
3. TM214 Stone Crash
4. TM215 Light Screen
5. TM216 Metallic Rush
6. TM217 Triple Axel
7. TM218 Corrosive Gas
8. TM219 Eagle Fury
9. TM220 Sand Force
10. TM221 Lash Out

TM Case 21
1. TM222 Imprison .
2. TM223 Night Shade
3. TM224 Overgrowth
4. TM225 Meteor Beam
5. TM226 Scorching Sands
6. TM227 Deadly Scythes
7. TM228 Fiery Tornado
8. TM229 Muddy Water
9. TM230 Outrage
10. TM231 Aqua Blast
- Command "!catch all" is now saved to a file instead of being sent to default channel.

- The following outfits are now available in the premium shop:

Minecraft Creeper
Minecraft Pig
Patrick Star
Satoru Gojo
SpongeBob SquarePants[/QUOTE]
- Blinking animation for unread news in client is now working correctly.
- A new interface for command "/commands" have been added, more detailed and with a better presentation.