Small Balance

Abomasnow has been rebalanced
Sylveon has been rebalanced
Flareon has been rebalanced
Lumineon has been rebalanced

Spells Misty Terrain Incinerate and Quiver Dance its area has been increased
New outfits have been added to premium shop: (10 points)



Pirate woman


Black Goku

Popplio costume

Randy Marsh
New pokemons (sinnoh) have been adding on map
- Carnivine
- Stunky and Skuntank
- Bidoof and Bibarel
- Combee (Vespiqueen will have no spawn, the only way to get is, by evolving combee)
- Staravia and Starapator (starly will be added after next update)

You can find all of those pokemons in safari zones of all regions. The only exception is Stunky and Skuntank which are spawning near Petalburg.

Combee can be evolved only, if it is female. It evolves to Vespiquen

There's also a way to play with a combee, that is male. Once you level them up to 70, you can fuse 3 combees (primary form w"hich is spawning on map) to a final form. Final form has different moveset, hp, just like an evolved pokemon. You can talk to npc "Honey", to find out what's needed to do the fusion.

[NOTE: We know, that Bibarel sprite (always animating) is bugged, it will be fixed after next update in 1-3 weeks aprox,
Loot of Stunky/Skuntank will be set today/tomorrow]
Small Balance

Primeape has been rebalanced
Poliwrath has been rebalanced
Alakazam has been improved
Walrein has been improved

Small Balance

Victreebel has been balanced
Noctowl has been balanced
Swellow has been balanced

Sprite Remakes

- Zweilous has been added to the map
- little tower with water pokes for players of level 30-40 has been added in celadon (I may later improve it, we'll see)
- three houses on the left side of celadon have been extended.
- ground respawn recently added has been improved.
Safari balls can be now used outside safari - with rate of a pokeball (inside safari has still rate of a great ball)
- New ground respawn has been added in undergrounds (orange islands)
- One of the unused orange islands has been fullfiled with pure grass pokemon (well almost pure) so you can exp there poisons. You can find there also few normal pokemons, deino and bisharp.
- Exacdrill and Drillbur are available on map. Drilbur spawns in underground near saffron. Exacdrill:

auto loot has been enabled again.