The following outfits have been added to the premium shop

- Daryl outfit
- Brock outfit
- Misty outfit
- Zabuza outfit
- Minato outfit
- Goku outfit (with color layer)
Bushes, stones, crystals and holes from Pokemon original abilities won't get bugged anymore.
Airplane system has been tweaked, and buying a ticket for a destination erases other tickets to other destinations if you had bought them.

Blaze, Overgrow, Swarm and Torrent
- Now trigger at 30% max hp or less, was 20% previously.

Inner focus
- Now prevents feat status condition with 100% chance, was 20% previously.
Rebalance of those pokemons has been applied, also formula of Bullet Seed is now different
The following outfits are now available in the premium shop:
- Ash
- Natsu
- Goku blue
- Goku black
- Goku ssj
- Michonne
The extra chance (catch) system have been reworked, from now on it will work based on NPC price of the Pokemon and Pokeballs

Pokeballs value
- PB: 8 dollars
- GB: 25 dollars
- SB: 60 dollars
- UB: 1 HD 30 dollars
- RB: 1 HD 60 dollars
- Safari ball: 25 dollars
- Phantom ball: 1 HD 30 dollars
- You can mix different kind of balls to calculate the total spent.

Once the total price of the balls you have used on the Pokemon is equal or greater to the required price (determinated using the formula below) you will get the extra bonus.
The extra chance is 0.25% for cloned Pokemons and 0.5% for normal Pokemons.

Formula to calculated the required balls:
base price at npc = required price spent on balls
200 HD+ = NPC price x3.3
550 HD+ = NPC price x2.5
1000 HD+ = NPC price x2.2
2000 HD+ = NPC price x2.0
3000 HD+ = NPC price x1.8
4000 HD+ = NPC price x1.6
5000 HD+ = NPC price x1.4
6000 HD+ = NPC price x1.3
7000 HD+ = NPC price x1.1
9000 HD+ = NPC price x0.8
15000 HD+ = NPC price x0.7
20000 HD+ = NPC price x0.3
50000 HD+ = NPC price x0.2
100000 HD+ = NPC price x0.1

Raichu NPC price is 600 HD
Required price is: 600 x 2.5 = 1500 HD
You will need use atleast 1500 HD worth of balls to get the 0.5 extra chance.
Thats around 938 RBs, or 1154 UBs.

The following Pokemons won't get extra chance:
- Aerodactyl
- Milotic
- Absol
- Cloned Dragonite
- Cloned Ninetales
- Comfey
- Alolan Ninetales
- Alolan Sandslash
- Type: Null
- Silvally
- Red Gyarados
- Crystal Onix
- Elder Charizard
- Shiny Pokemons
- Pokemons with NPC price lower than 200 HD
50 new tms has been added, they will be obtainable soon or maybe in events who knows

TM106 Boomburst
TM107 Chip Away
TM108 Echoed Voice
TM109 Play Nice
TM110 Sleep Talk
TM111 Fire Pledge
TM112 Flame Blitz
TM113 Force Palm
TM114 Bulk Up
TM115 Brine
TM116 Liquidation
TM117 Surf
TM118 Tsunami
TM119 Air Pressure
TM120 Hurricane
TM121 Fascade
TM122 Grass Whistle
TM123 Magical Leaf
TM124 Power Whip
TM125 Venoshock
TM126 Venom Drench
TM127 Electric Storm
TM128 Eerie Impulse
TM129 Electro Blast
TM130 Magnitude
TM131 Thousand Arrows
TM132 Psychic Terrain
TM133 Synchronoise
TM134 Rock Storm
TM135 Rock Power
TM136 Aurora Veil
TM137 Ice Shards
TM138 Aurora Sphere
TM139 Lunge
TM140 Rage Powder
TM141 U Turn
TM142 Clanging Scales
TM143 Dragon Storm
TM144 Draco Pulse
TM145 Twister
TM146 Ominous Wind
TM147 Curse Pledge
TM148 Grudge
TM149 Shadow Claw
TM150 Snarl
TM151 Brutal Swing
TM152 Magnetic Shock
TM153 Gear Grind
TM154 Smart Strike
TM155 Misty Terrain
TM156 Fairy Blade
The issue causing fps drop underwater (with music on) have been fixed
Update 10.2.0

Client side

- Added a new option to fix the mouse pointer when this is stuck.
- Fixed a bug causing addon preview in market to be stuck in screen.

Server side
- Ability Reckless: now deals 15% extra damage with area moves but receives 5% extra incoming damage permanently.
- Ability Stance: now deals 25% less damage when on stance state (was 50%)

- NPC trade window have been improved
* fixed several minor bugs in the window
* removed useless options
* is now possible buy up to 1000 items at the same time and in backpacks!

- The locker have been splitted into two categories, main locker and market locker.

Main locker
- Will have the same function as the old locker.

Market locker
- From now on you can only sell items that are in this locker. (for systems like: market, items market and NPC santiago)
- This locker has a limit of 200 slots. (a stack of items counts as 1 item)

Berries system rework
- Now berries cooldown will be splitted into two categories, berries with cooldown on Pokemon and berries with cooldown on character.

The following berries are character binded:
- Razz Berry
- Pinap Berry
- Nanab Berry
- Pamtre Berry
- Cornn Berry
- Belue Berry

This means you can enable the berry and switch Pokemon, the cooldown is also character binded.

- All the other berries are Pokemon binded, so the cooldown depends on the Pokemon.

- Every berry will save its effect duration from now on. (previusly was just resistances berries)

The following berries cannot be used during duels

- Bluk Berry
- Wepear Berry
- Watmel Berry
Npc Santiago now gives better offers for some pokemons.