Hi guys,
Valentine Event will be this Sunday! You will be able to obtain Flabebe and Dedenne with chance for shiny versions :)

Meanwhile we've enabled promotion in which everyone gets 50% more points as well as everyone who donates for 30 points or more will get new outfit!

[FONT=Times New Roman]As everyone knows, valentine is coming soon. It's a time for a new contest! Are you creative? So it's time to write a letter to people that you love! :13: [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rules[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman] - The Letter has to be written by you, not by uncle google.
- Minimum words: 150, maximum words: 300. If you're not sure how many words your letter contains, use this website: https://wordcounter.net/
- The letter cannot contain: offensive words, insults towards anyone, sexual content
- The letter has to be written in english. If u have problems in that, ask tutors for a favor of translating it.
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*that means you can't edit your letter after you post it.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rewards[/FONT]

- 1st place: Shiny Dedenne + TM Case 11
- 2nd place: Pikachu Belle + TM Case 12
- 3rd place: Cute Box + TM Case 6

It's a Global contest.

- Thread will be closed at 15/02/2019

Good Luck Everyone!


We will enable donation promotion from 28/01 till 01/02. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Everyone who donates for 30 points (base) or more will also receive key to the ultra wormhole.

We also invite you to our newly created instagram profile! on which we'll be announcing some new things, spoiling our work or doing unique contest/lotteries

From 25/01 to 28/01 we will give you few attractions!!!

[*]2x Exp for players
[*]2x Exp for pokemons
[*]2x Loot

(All exp, loot increase are +1 stage to rates existing for Diamond, Platinum)
You may have noticed than Diamond is running slower than normal (Platinum will as well after restart), I will explain the reason of this in this thread.

Last days, after new year, servers have been crashing too often, Diamond specially have suffered 3 crashes in 3 days, now crashes are expected and almost always fixable, but the last crashes have been due to a really difficult problem to find; memory corruption. The fix to this issue may be easy but finding it is almost impossible without the assistance of external tools, servers are now running in a special enviroment that will help to find the origin of the memory corruption so I can fix it, sadly this enviroment also makes everything run slower (the average slowdown of the instrumented program is ~2x) this was the best tool I could find and with the least impact in performance, other tools have an even worse slowdown:

Sadly I will have to run servers in this enviroment till I can find the reason of the corruption (I need it to crash in order to find the problem lol).

I hope you can understand and sorry for the inconveniences.

This year there are two missions, both are optional, you don't need to finish one to take the other. Anyway is highly adviced to take both.
First mission is to help the Elves to record their Christmas CD.
Second mission is to participate in the Snowball war.

Christmas CD

You need to record 10 songs in total, the songs are splitted in few parts to make it easier, you only have to repeat the pattern and then hit the record button.
You can score up to 100 points per song this means if you record every song 100% correctly you will get 1000 points in total.
You have 10 tries per SONG, each failed try will take 10 points from the song score, this means you can even get 0 points per song.
Incase you complete a song or wasted all your tries, we will move to the next song.
You can see the pattern if you click the 'Listen' button, once you start recording you cannot see the pattern anymore.

Rewards and requeriments will be announced later

Additionally, you can now send gift to your friends using the command "!gift friend_name", it has a cost of 15 points.
Gifts will be openable the same day as the reward from the event!

Reward list

Rewards can be obtained Friday 28, dec, 2018

Points is the total of Christmas songs points + snowball war points

200 points: random Christmas addon for a Pokemon (repeatable unlimited times)
450 points: random evolution item (max. 2 per character)
600 points: random box 3 (max. 2 per character)
1000 points: random TM (max. 3 per PLAYER*)
2000 points: random Pokemon (max. 2 per PLAYER*)
- Swirlix (has shiny chance)
- Hawlucha (has shiny chance)
- Deerlingw

* PLAYER: considers every character in every account the player owns, special cases (like family members) will be handled manually by staff members.

use command "!event" to get your rewards, always check your available rewards before getting one incase they change between command usage. Some characters might be limited to the rewards they can access due to the creation date/level/points.

Gift boxes sent to your friends can be open the same day (Friday 28, dec, 2018) and contains one of the following:

- Christmas decoration bag
- Christmas outfit bag
- random locker
- random evolution item
- random box 3
- random TM (low chance)
- random Pokemon (very low chance, same as event)
From Wed 19, dec 2018 till Monday 31, dec 2018, we will enable the Christmas promotion.
During this time every donation of 30 points or more will receive:

Remember that you get only ONE bonus per donation, this means that if you donate ONCE for 90 points you will get the bonus only ONCE.

- 1x Christmas outfit bag
- 1x Christmas decoration bag
- 1x Christmas lottery ticket* (unlimited per account but you can use only THREE)

Christmas outfit bag contains ONE of the following outfits:











Tribal Drummer



* We have enabled an special lottery, you will need a "Christmas lottery ticket" to join this lottery. Limited to three tickets per ACCOUNT


Relevant rewards:

Christmas event
The Christmas event will be enabled this weekend, most likely saturday or sunday. For the people who don't care about the event there will be also increased rates event during the weekend.

Same as last year, we will add the chance to send presents to your friends during the days 24, 25 and 26, so save diamonds!

Hello! We'd like to invite you to participate in our new contest for the best house decoration.
Theme: Christmas House Decoration

Decorate your house and show your Christmas spirit

- Every player can sign up with only 1 house
- You need to be owner of the house
- You need to give position of the house
- You need to post your nickname and world
- Your house must stay with the same decoration as posted on picture until the contest ends, this way we can confirm the items weren't shared between participants.
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*That's mean you can upload a pic, but you CAN'T upload another pic with a house RECODERATED again.

Where do I get items to decorate my house?
- You can buy them from NPC Leire that is located in Celadon Mall
- You can get some items from designer workshop, such as tapestries, floor etc
- You can buy them from NPC Mrs. Claus that is located in Celadon Beach

How do I participate?
- Take picture of your house, upload directly on forum or in some img hosting, for example: http://imgur.com
- Post the picture here with your nickname, world and position.
- If you can't post your picture due to too low amount of posts, use this thread to get needed amount; http://www.padventures.org/forum/sho...ight=make+spam
- If you don't have forum account you can contact a Staff member to help you with your post;


- 1st place: Shiny Stantler + Golden Medal + TM Case 11
- 2nd place: Elemental Box + Silver Medal + TM Case 12
- 3rd place: Hoenn Box 3 + Bronze Medal + TM Case 6

[FONT=Verdana]Everyone who will decorate house for Christmas and leave cookies and milk next to the Christmas tree can expect Santa Claus to visit the house and leave small christmas presents (it will be random) between 23-25/12[/FONT]

The Contest is GLOBAL
Thread will be closed at 31/12

Good Luck!

PA Staff

Please, limit yourself to post pictures, or ask anything, if you have doubts. Any other posts will be removed.

Hi guys! There's christmas lottery running. This year tickets are paid, each one costs 10k. Lottery will be drawn in Monday 17/12/2018 or until all of the tickets get sold.
You can get max 2 tickets with only 1 character of level 40 or higher.

I have noticed that some rewards have fake informations, so until it gets fixed I put the real info here:
Reward #124 = Elder Charizard, level 130
Reward #164 = Ash Greninja, level 80
Reward #183 = Morelull, level 10
Reward #184 = Crabrawler, level 10
This monday Dec 10, 2018 we will moving our servers back to Europe, during this time gameservers, website and forum will be offline, the process can take up to 18 hours.
EUR #1 proxy will be removed, since the servers will be located on the same server is pointless to keep the proxy.

Common problems during the migration:
- DNS propagation takes time to reflect the changes, we will implement strategies to reduce this, but you may aswell try:

[QUOTE]ipconfig /flushdns[/QUOTE]

if you are having troubles reaching our hosts.

There will be a small client update after the migration.

Of course we will restore wasted premium/tickets time.


With this update you most likely will "lose" your hotkeys, so becareful at your first login!
Anyway if you want to prevent this or recover your hotkeys, you can do the following:

- CLOSE the client, this should be done with the client CLOSED!
- Go to the next directory -> C:\Users\\padclient
- Open: config.otml with a text editor
- Find and replace (all) "ls.padventures.org" replace with "game.padventures.org"
- Save the file and you are ready!