With the latest update the Pokedex system have been remade:

- Now it shows more information about your character, such as achievement, active tasks, catches list.

You can see your progress on your active tasks

You can filter and see how many times you have caught a Pokemon

Now the Pokedex shows more and more detailed information about the Pokemon

You can alternate between information and moves view clicking this button

Now the Pokedex will show information about every available "form" of a Pokemon (eg: cloned/shiny/mega)
If a Pokemon has more than a form, you can navigate between the different form using the buttons located at each side.

The label at top indicates if a Pokemon has more than a form available, and which form you are currently seeing.

The charms and Tasks, is a new system that we will enable in a future update.

Double exp for pokemons will be enabled from 20/04 till 22/04.

(it's +100% exp if on platinum you are having already 2x exp, then it will be x3)
Hi, as title says, there's finally a way to donate from Venezuela. For more information, you can check here: (CLICK HERE)

It's that time of the year again. Trees and bushes begin to grow again, the flowers bloom and temperature gets warmer. Unless you are on the south hemisphere.

We have prepared a world event where other players of your server must cooperate with you to complete the missions. In doing so, you get as reward new easter outfits and access to catch Vivillon. But these also depend if you fully complete the missions aswell.

This is a time-limited event so only its participants will be able to obtain the rewards. There are a total of 2 global missions and 1 individual.

Event is set to start some time later after a client update is available on this weekend, and lasts until next Wednesday.

Remember that we have some restrictions like...
-You can only participate in the event with one of your characters, just one account.
-You cannot do the event for your friend if he/she can't participate.
-You cannot take the reward for your friend if he/she can't take it.

Check the posts below for more information.

Hi guys,
for the occasion of Easter, we are enabling promotion from 30/03 till 04/04. During this time, you will receive +50% points! Else, everyone who donates for 30 (base) points or more, will receive base Nobleman/Noblewoman Outfit!

In before you ask:
- yes, you can expect easter event
- and also a lottery

With this restart we have enabled the internal bank system by character. NPC Banker in PVP Area lets you access it.

The minimum level required to use it is Level 30. Its features allow you to:

[*]Deposit money from your backpack to your bank balance
[*]Withdraw money from your bank balance to your backpack
[*]Transfer money from your bank balance to other online players
[*]Pay house and guildhall rent from your balance
[*]Reserve and pay the bid for the house or guildhall in an auction
[*]Enable or disable the automatic bank payment

The limit of money deposited in bank is 18,446,744,073,709 ten thousand dollars, 55 hundred dollars, 9 dollars and 12 cents.

When you try to withdraw money: If you do not have the required slots for the cash or if you have reached the limit of 1,000 items in your backpack then the NPC will warn you about it and the transaction will be canceled. If you have a payment reserved for an auction, you won't be able to withdraw any amount of money that could reduce the payment reserved for the bid + house price.

You have to log out or relog in case you want to have your balance updated in website.

The automatic bank payment is a new optional feature that allows you to pay services:

[*]Entry to Safari Zones and National Park
[*]Pay ticket for all means of transport (train, ship, plane)

If you have this enabled: When you try to access these services with their respective NPCs they will charge you the payment from your bank balance instead from the cash that you carry. If you happen to not have enough bank balance to pay, then they will charge the money from your backpack as usual. You can disable it anytime with NPC Banker.

As for houses, its page has been revamped http://padventures.org/index.php/houses/main

You have now enough options to perform a search for the house, flat or guildhall that you are looking for. If you own a house you can see its information displayed right away over there if you have logged in. There is a known minor bug with the pagination of houses, scheduled to be fixed in the future. We will also upload the houses preview images.

You may also start or join the auction for a house or guildhall. These are the requirements.

[*]You must be at least of Level 30
[*]You must have at least 2 premium days left
[*]You cannot bid for more than one auction at once
[*]You cannot own other house in any character of your account
[*]None of the guilds of your characters may have a guildhall already
[*]In the case of a guildhall, your guild must have at least 10 members
[*]Your character cannot be online when you try to place a bid
[*]Besides the money for the bid, you have to pay the house/guildhall price (equivalent to rent)
[*]Houses bought by auction must have at least 120 tiles of space
[*]All bids are submitted as hundred dollars in website, for now

Once you have started an auction, it lasts 24 hours to finish (it can have an additional delay of up to 30 minutes). Other players may outbid you to try to win the auction, and you may outbid them aswell as long as it is higher offer. Players that get outbid or win the auction always get notified (not live for outbid, requires relog).

The payment gets debited from your bank balance only when the auction ends, not when you place the bid. If by any reason you do not happen to have the money required to pay the auction when you win it, the auction gets canceled and you do not become the new owner of the house. There is no limit for the bids yet.
With this update we decided to release a new updater version, since the old updater was already too heavy and had a problem with the previous update (10.4.1)

Please visit our download section to get the latest client and updater: http://www.padventures.org/index.php/p/v/downloads

This version fixes the problems with the inventory window and adds a new function to lock mini window position.
There was an error with the updater going from versions 10.4.0 to version 10.4.1 (previous versions should update without any problem) if you are affected by this error please download the client again from our web


Sorry for the inconvenience
With the latest update several changes have been made to the inventory system:

- Removed the ugly lateral bar from client.
- Inventory is now a window you can drag anywhere.
- Added "Pokemon case", a special container that can only hold Pokeballs.
- Pokeballs can only be carried in the Pokemon case now.
- The case of poker chips won't accept other items anymore.
- Every backpack size have been increased to 50, was 35 before.
- There is a maximum number of items a player can carry now.
- The maximum number of items a player can carry is 1000. (note: stack of items equals to 1 item, eg: 100 empty pokeballs is 1 item)

- Due to the changes every player will be teleported to their hometown during the first login.
- Added a special slot that can only hold revive items, near the pokeball slot.

This is what the inventory will look like from now on:


Whats the reason of the Pokemon case?

I know some players liked carrying revive items in the same container as Pokeballs, sadly this is not an option anymore purposely, in the past having the Pokeballs container full while siwtching Pokeballs caused several different bugs, we want to prevent this and thats the reason of this only Pokeballs container, to ensure there will always be space avaliable while switching Pokeballs.

What is the reason of the items limit?

This post provides a great answer: http://www.padventures.org/forum/showthread.php?40393-Changes-to-inventory&p=361990&viewfull=1#post361990

What if I had more than 1000 items before the update?

You won't be able to receive/pick new items, but the items you already carrying won't be destroyed or teleported to your locker, unless you manually remove/move them.

What will happen with the items I had in the coins case?

They will be teleported to your locker.
With latest update autoloot system have been reworked, with new features and improvement on the existing ones.

- Increased the number of autoloot animations from 2 to 6.
- You can autoloot from any distance now.
- Autolooted items will now go to the autoloot window instead of your backpack. (this means carry less backpacks)
- You can withdraw your autolooted items from the autoloot window.
- You can sell items directly from the autoloot window.
- You can setup items to be sold automatically when looted.
- You can sell all items at once from the autoloot window.
- You can withdraw your autoloot balance from the autoloot window.

To open the autoloot window, RIGHT click on the autoloot icon

Autoloot window explained

- On the left planel you will find a list of your autolooted items.
- On the top right panel you will find item details and item options.
- On the bottom right panel you will find details and options about the autoloot system.

Enable / disable autoloot
You can enable or disable the autoloot system using the autoloot icon or from the autoloot window by marking the option "enable autoloot".

Selling items
There are 3 different ways to sell items from the autoloot window.

Sell by item
To sell by item, select an item from the list, click the sell button at the item panel:

Select the amount you want to sell

then click OK

* not all items can be sold from the autoloot windows (valuable items like TMs cannot be sold from here, items with no price cannot be sold from here)
* the confirm button is to set the value.

Sell all
The sell all button will sell all the items marked with the option "sell automatically"

Sell automatically
Items can be sold at the same moment you loot them, to do this you need to mark the item with the option "sell automatically"

and enable the autosell system too

then kill normally

Autoloot balance
All the money from selling items in the autoloot window goes to your "autoloot balance", you can withdraw this balance by clicking on the withdraw button located in the autoloot options panel

select the amount of money you want to withdraw

and click ok

* if you don't have enough space in your backpack to receive all the money, it will be transfered to your locker!

Withdraw items
To withdraw an item, select the item from the list, click the withdraw button at the item panel:

Select the amount you want to withdraw

then click OK

* the confirm button is to set the value.
* if you don't have enough space in your backpack to receive all the items, they will be transfered to your locker!