[FONT=Times New Roman]As everyone knows, christmas is coming soon. It's a time for a new contest! Are you creative? So it's time to write a letter to Santa Claus![/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rules[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman] - The Letter has to be written by you, not by uncle google.
- Minimum words: 300, maximum words: 800. If you're not sure how many words your story contains, use this website: https://wordcounter.net/
- The letter cannot contain: offensive words, insults towards anyone, sexual content
- The letter has to be written in english. If u have problems in that, ask tutors for a favor of translating it.
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*that means you can't edit your letter after you post it.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rewards[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]3 Best letters will receive Shiny Stantler that will have unique moveset and will look like Rudolph, and something else... it'll have unique ability to ride in the air (fly) :eek:

It's a Global contest.

- Thread will be closed at 24/12/2017

Good Luck Everyone!


At Dec 03 our game will have 7th anniversary! For this occassion we will give you few attractions!

From Dec 01 to Dec 04 - Donation Promotion [+50% points and an anniversary gift box* for everyone who donates for 30 points or more]
*will be announced in the day of activation

At Dec 02/03 Papocalypse is near... stop Mutated Mewtwo before it's going to be too late! Its mutation makes it immune to every kind of attack! Will you help your world to survive?
Mutated Mewtwo will lose hp only when;
- players will defeat specific pokemons, which are the source of Mewtwo's power
- players will use magic crystal on holy machine
- players will light up 100 hidden holy basins (100 for whole server, not per player)

Every Participant who will do the minimum for the world (defeat at least 200 pokemons) will receive anniversary cake, which will activate double exp for 24 hours when eaten.

From Dec 08 to Dec 12
If Mewtwo will lose 50% of its hp - Raids of 7 Legendary Pokemons
If Mewtwo will lose 60% of its hp - Loot x2
If Mewtwo will lose 70% of its hp - Double Exp for pokemons
If Mewtwo will lose 80% of its hp - Anniversary Box2 containing decorations/addons/tms - only for players, that obtained a cake piece
If Mewtwo will lose 90% of its hp - Shiny Pokemons will spawn 3x faster and +50% to catch (catch x 1.5)
If Mewtwo will be defeated (lose 100% of its hp) - Spawn of Klefki for limited time (during the weekend) - access only for players, that were participating.

Mutated Mewtwo has spawned on your local world to ruin the anniversary.

Event will close in 24 hours (Sunday 03, 12:00 GMT-4).
If Mutated Mewtwo is still alive on your game world, then all local players lose the event reward.

Use !event command to know current information

-You can start the event only on one character with NPC Guardian (Celadon), then won't work if you try on other one.
-This event includes an achievement with reward, but only for the first players that achieve these requirements:

[*]kill at least 500 Pokemon (Mission 1)
[*]use 5 magic crystals (Mission 2)
[*]light up 2 holy basins (Mission 3)

MISSION 1: 45k Killing
Defeat 45000 Pokemon (collective kill by all players), that give their energy to Mutated Mewtwo.

-Ask Guardian ingame to know the list of these Pokemon.
-You will be able to get a piece of anniversary cake if you kill at least 200 Pokemon of the list of Mission 1
-For each 1000 killed Pokemon Mewtwo will lose some life.
-Players with level higher than 40 that kill Gastly, Abra, Duskull,Charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Growlithe, Paras, Voltorb, that won't count as kills for this mission.
[FONT=&]-Players with level higher than 70 that kill Haunter, Misdreavus, Kadabra, Dusclops, Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Venomoth, Beedrill, that won't count as kills for this mission.

MISSION 2: The Sacred Weapon
Defeat mutated Pokemon, once they drop magic crystal use it nearby the sacred weapon in Celadon. For each 10 crystals used, Mewtwo will lose some vitality.

-Global limit by game world is 200 crystals, then it won't work anymore.
-Each player can't use more than 5 crystals.
-There is a low chance where Mutated Pokemon can spawn from anywhere around the map in their normal spawn locations.
-These Pokemon don't count as kills for Mission 1.

MISSION 3: Hundred Holy Basins
Light up holy basins, once 100 of them are lit up, it will greatly decrease Mewtwo's powers.

-There are 100 holy basins scattered around the PA world.
-There are basins in both free and premium areas.
-Each player can't lit more than 2 basins.
-If all basins have been lit, there is no more chance for other players that didn't lit before.

The overall damage of completing these missions will defeat the boss.
It's late but it's here. Proceed to do the preliminary task (Mission One) in order to gain access to new missions.

Use !event command to see your amount of points and know about mission information.


Hoenn Cube can give you one of these two brand-new Pokémon (requires achievement unlocked).



All rewards are limited by account, so you can't claim a same reward again on another character if you have reached the limit.


Reward: Demon Pet kit
Requires all missions unlocked and 100% completed.

Hello! We'd like to invite you to participate in our new contest - for the creepiest halloween house!
What you need to do? Decorate your house with halloween items!


- Every player can sign up with only 1 house
- You need to be owner of the house
- You need to give position of the house
- You need to post your nickname and world
- House must be decorated for halloween
- Halloween decorations must stay in house until contest is finished. In case your premium expires before, you can send us a private msg.
- Editing posts is forbidden*

*That's mean you can upload a pic, but you CAN'T upload another pic with a house REDECORATED again.

How do I participate?

- Take picture of your house, upload directly on forum or on some img hosting.
- Post the picture here with your nickname, world and position.
- If you can't post your picture due to too low amount of posts, use this thread to get needed amount;


-1st Place: Medal, Random TM 106-156, Golden Pumpkin, Cloned Ticket and Mismagius Locker

-2nd Place: Medal, TM Case 9, Cloned island's ticket, Silver Pumpkin, Gliscor Locker

-3rd Place: Medal, Umbreon Locker, Silver Pumpkin, Cloned ticket

The Contest is GLOBAL
Thread will be closed at 07/11


From 27.10 to 1.11 we'll enable halloween promotion. During this time you will receive +50% points, also everyone who donates for 30 (base) points or more will receive a pumpkin box*

Along with promotion we'll enable double experience for Pokemon and double loot (double amounts)

pumpkin box will contain one of the following:
* Malamar (doesn't count as new catch)
* Pumpkin Elixir that gives full Pumpkin Outfit (all addons included)

* Random Pokemon locker (including alolan lockers)
* Halloween decorations
* twin rocks ticket + cute island ticket
* random ghost TM
* random dark TM

Just as it was discussed here http://www.padventures.org/forum/showthread.php?39806-Daily-Dungeon-task
There's a new quest available now. Requires level 160. This quest is necessary in order to access the future Daily Dungeons set to be released in November. Yeah, that's the final reward of this quest.

[QUOTE]When entering the Daily Dungeons, players there will have to kill several Pokemon, which will not only give them points, but also will take them away. The person who collects the most will receive a Mega Stone chosen in that public poll. Points will also be possible to be exchanged for other rewards such as TMs and etc.[/QUOTE]

Find the 10 Challengers and complete their challenges!
Twin Rocks Isle is now available.
To travel there you have to use the twin rocks ticket (formerly known as jungle ticket).
You need to be level 40 and premium status is also required.
You can hold only 1 Pokémon - Eevee of minimum level 40.
After using ticket, find the twin leaders of Mossdeep Gym in order to travel to the island.

There are a few missions to do with NPC Jinny, so she can grant you access to evolve one Eevee into Leafeon with the Moss Rock.
NOTE: If you start mission with this NPC, you won't be able to do future Below Zero quest, that allows you evolve one Eevee into Glaceon (it is set to be released on early 2018).

Zorua now spawns in Twin Rocks Isle only for October 2017,
and Shiny Eevee spawns forever.

Here is guide for one of the missions of this quest: http://www.padventures.org/forum/showthread.php?39831

from 6.10 to 9.10 we'll enable double experience, it is a good occassion to reach required level for daily dungeon tasks! :) (160). During this time there will be also a donation promotion (+50% points). Everyone who donates for 30 points or more will receive cute ticket+twin rocks ticket and warrior outfit.

Hello guys,
during the incoming weekend (15.09 - 17.09) all fire type Pokemon will give 30% extra experience.
Global Tournament 2017
Tournament will be global, that means there will be specially created world and all participants will have to copy their characters there. It will cost 2 diamonds

- Duels 1Vs1 / Pokemons: 6vs6
- Flutes and berries are allowed
- You can use almost any pokemon. Generally there are no limits, with four exceptions - pokemon cannot be repeated, that means you can't use 2 cloned arcanines or arcanine + cloned arcanine etc. Also max one mega pokemon can be used and max one of Elder Chrarizard, Red Gyarados and Crystal Onix. (1 player cannot use mega + elder...) and SMEARGLE IS NOT ALLOWED.
- Pokemons cannot be shared between participants. Remember, that pokemons have their serials, it's easy to find it out.
- You can sign up with only one character.
- players that are late will be disqualified.
- You can use only 1 shiny pokemon
- It will be a two stages tournamnet with double elimination

- You can sign up in this thread already, positing your name. Although we'll be checking who's online or offline right before duels.
- There is only ONE stage. This tournament is for players of min. level 110. It means you should use pokemons 120-130, but if you want lower levels, then with your own responsibility.
- Transfering to tournament world will cost 2 diamond.
- You can sign up in this thread or in the day of tournament max 19:00 GMT+2 (central european summer time)

- 30 September
- 19:30 GMT +2 we'll be checking who's online. All offline players will be removed from the bracket. Don't be late!
- Duels will start right after removing offline players from the bracket.

1st place: Mega Stone [random]*, New Outfit, Random TM (between 106-156), Mewtwo Cup, Addon Bag.
2nd place: Hoenn Box 4, Rayquaza Bag, TM Case 10, Silver Rayquaza Cup, Addon Bag.
3rd place: Random Elemental Box, Rayquaza Bag, TM Case 9, Addon Bag, Bronze Rayquaza Cup

* Megas Avaliable to get as Radom [- Sableye - Manectric - Absol - Kangaskhan - Glalie - Aggron - Aerodactyl - Lucario - Steelix - Mawile - Salamence - Sceptile - Metagross - Gallade - Pinsir]

Incoming rebalance changes:
- Changes in some pokemons will be applied till 20.09.