Hi guys! There's christmas lottery running. This year tickets are paid, each one costs 10k. Lottery will be drawn in Monday 17/12/2018 or until all of the tickets get sold.
You can get max 2 tickets with only 1 character of level 40 or higher.

I have noticed that some rewards have fake informations, so until it gets fixed I put the real info here:
Reward #124 = Elder Charizard, level 130
Reward #164 = Ash Greninja, level 80
Reward #183 = Morelull, level 10
Reward #184 = Crabrawler, level 10
This monday Dec 10, 2018 we will moving our servers back to Europe, during this time gameservers, website and forum will be offline, the process can take up to 18 hours.
EUR #1 proxy will be removed, since the servers will be located on the same server is pointless to keep the proxy.

Common problems during the migration:
- DNS propagation takes time to reflect the changes, we will implement strategies to reduce this, but you may aswell try:

[QUOTE]ipconfig /flushdns[/QUOTE]

if you are having troubles reaching our hosts.

There will be a small client update after the migration.

Of course we will restore wasted premium/tickets time.


With this update you most likely will "lose" your hotkeys, so becareful at your first login!
Anyway if you want to prevent this or recover your hotkeys, you can do the following:

- CLOSE the client, this should be done with the client CLOSED!
- Go to the next directory -> C:\Users\\padclient
- Open: config.otml with a text editor
- Find and replace (all) "ls.padventures.org" replace with "game.padventures.org"
- Save the file and you are ready!
As everyone knows, christmas is coming soon. It's a time for a new contest! Are you creative? So it's time to draw addon for a pokemon with christmas theme!

-The addon must be created for a pokemon that can be obtained in the game and is not rare,
-Addon shouldn't be made for Tapu's, Crystal Onix, Elder Charizard, Red Gyarados, Bosses, Legends,
-Addon should only be done for pokemon final evolution, the exception here is Pikachu,
-Addon can be drawn in real life (crayons/pencil/paints/etc.) as well as using computer, however, the former will be better assessed for the effort put in,
-Addon of course must be a reference to Christmas and it can not contain anything erotic,
-Drawing or idea can not be copied from the internet, we count on the players imagination,
-Drawing can not contain too many tiny details, because in the game they will be invisible, especially when the pokemon is small,
-On the drawing you have to write your signature - the nickname from the game,
-Each player can paint up to 3 drawings,
-There will be two first places
*One for the best addon
*One for for the best Christmas drawing in total
-The reward for both is Shiny stantler or shiny box (Winner can decide which reward),
-If we think that more addons are cool, they will also be added to the game,

1st place: Shiny Stantler or Shiny Box + 60 days premium + TM Case 11 + Medal + Addon + Cloned Ticket or Key to ultra wormhole
2nd place: Cloned Box + 30 days premium + TM Case 8 + Medal + Addon Bag (or addon made by player) + Cloned Ticket or Key to ultra wormhole
3rd place: Elemental Box + 14 days premium + TM Case 12 + Medal + Addon Bag (or addon made by player) + Cloned Ticket or Key to ultra wormhole

Contest ends at 14/12

Hello Players!
In this thread we are going to select

For Diamond:

* 2 Tutor for Spanish channel

Do you want to become one?
It’s your chance! Just sign up here!

Keep in mind that there are some requirements, though.
• Be an active and helpful player.
• Have good English.
• Know and follow all Rules.
• Have the desire to help players and the community.
• Have good behaviour. This includes all things like scamming.
• Players with newly created account on forum will not be considered.

Don't sign up here unless you can satisfy the position!

To sign up, fill the following form and post it here. Posts that don't follow the form will be deleted without warning, aswell comments. If you have questions, you can send me a private message in forums or contact me in game.

[QUOTE]Character name:
Why do you want to be a tutor:

ATTENTION:we reserve the right to DENY ANY PLAYER that we judge as not capable for a tutor position due to bad behavior, bad historic or inactivity.

The topic will remain open for 7 days from now.

Any post non related to the main reason of this thread will be deleted.

Second Island of Alola - Akala is available!

What's new

- Akala Island can be accessed by premium players
- You can teleport to Heahea city or Paniola Ranch. To be able to do it you need to do "Getting Familiar with Alola" Quest.
- You can find there many new Pokemons
- There are few new quests (trials, grand trials, chest and continuation of Zygarde Quest.
- Another NPC with Alolan Tasks (different from those available on the first island)
- Quest for Access to Tapu Lele - The Guardian Deity
- New hidden achievements.
- Some pokemons don't spawn normally. Find out how to spawn them by yourself!
- There are 2 new shinies: Shiny Turtonator and Shiny Incineroar.

From 30/11 to 2/12 our game will have 8th anniversary! For this occassion we will give you few attractions!
2x Exp for players
2x Exp for pokemons
2x Loot
2x Catch
Faster shiny respawn

(All exp, loot increase are +1 stage to rates existing for Diamond, Platinum)

It's finally here! Melemele Island is officialy available for everyone!

What's new:
- Many new Pokemons. You can find a list in school's library in Hau'oli City.
- Few quests, some with missions, some just go-open-a-chest.
- School quest is a base that everyone has to do. It's requirement to do some other missions such as "The secret of Zygarde" or access to Tapu Koko.
- There's Adventurer Club in which you can get various tasks
- There are hidden achievements
- there are hidden spawns (some require find hole for example), some require luck and something else :)
- Rockruff can evolve in 3 different forms of Lycanroc. I won't spoil how to do it. Find it on your own.
- There is the ultra wormhole in which you can catch ultra beasts. You can throw only beast balls which can be bought from npc "Luke Skywalker". You can find him in Adventurer's club.
- Most of NPCs in Alola don't react on a simple "hi". You will learn how to do it while doing "Getting familiar with Alola" quest.
- There are 3 new shinies: Decidueye, Primarina and Toucannon.
- There are few new npcs buying new loot items. You should be able to find them all in the city. If something remains unsellable report it on forum.

What's different in Alola?

- First travel must be done by Airplane. Alola can be accessed only by premium players. You need to finish some quest to be able to use teleport.
- You can scan Pokemon with new alola pokedex. Scanned pokemon's data will not get recorded as long, as you catch the pokemon (later we will add new achievements related to that).
- Final stage and medium stage pokemons cannot be caught as long, as you don't catch their pre evolution earlier. There's no easier nor harder catch rate for them, than in other regions. (we don't know if we'll keep it this way or not, if you want to suggest something, do it in a normal way). It is not as hard as it sounds.
- While doing "getting familiar with alola" quest you will receive starter pokemon. It's the only pokemon, that cannot be leveled with rare candies. It also loses character bind once reaching level 110. I advice you to keep exping it and I promise, that you won't regret.
- You will not be able to throw balls on wild pokemons if you don't complete some missions of "getting familiar with alola" quest.
- Flying ability is disabled on Alola. You can use ride anywhere you want and surf in certain places.

Small promotion
Everyone who donates for 30 points or more will receive Key to the Ultra wormhole + 200 beast balls.


Doing spoils on forum is strictkly forbidden as well as asking for it on help channel!!!!

Co Nowego?
- Jest wiele nowych pokemonów. Listę możesz znaleźć w szkolnej bibliotece w mieście Hau'oli
- kilka questów. Niektóre z misjami, a niektóre ze skrzynkami
- "School Quest" jest podstawą, którą każdy musi zrobić. Jest to wymóg do kilku innych misji, m.in "The Secret of Zygarde" czy też dostępu do Tapu Koko
- Jest Klub poszukiwaczy przygód, w którym możecie robić wiele różnych tasków.
- Są ukryte achievementy.
- Są nowe ukryte spawny. Do niektórych potrzeba find hole, zaś do innych szczęścia i może coś jeszcze.
- Rockruff może ewoluować w 3 różne formy Lycanroca. Nie będę spoilowała w jaki sposób to zrobić. Odkryj to sam.
- Jest Tunel czasoprzestrzenny (zwany Ultra Wormhole) gdzie możesz łapać ultra bestie. Można na nie rzucać tylko beast balle, które można zakupić od npc Luke Skywalker, znajdującego się w klubie poszukiwaczy przygód.
- Większość npc w Aloli nie reaguje na zwykłe "hi". Nauczysz się jak się witać robiąc questa "getting familiar with alola"
- Są trzy nowe shiny: Primarina, Decidueye i Toucannon

Co jest innego w Aloli?

- Pierwszą podróż musisz odbyć samolotem. Alola dostępna jest tylko dla graczy premium. Musisz skończyć pewien quest, aby mieć możliwość teleportacji.
- Możesz skanować pokemony nowym alolańskim pokedexem, jednakże dane skanowanego pokemona nie zapiszą się, dopóki go nie złapiesz.
- Pokemon ostatniej i pośredniej ewolucji mogą zostać złapane tylko wtedy, kiedy złapiesz ich poprzedniej formy. Nie jest to tak trudne, jak wygląda.
- Robiąc questa "getting familiar with alola" dostaniesz nowego alolańskiego startera. Jest to jedyny pokemon, który nie może być levelowany cukierkami. Traci on również przypisanie do postaci po osiągnięciu poziomu 110. Radzę Ci jednak wciąż go levelować. Obiecuję, że nie pożałujesz.
- Nie będziesz mógł rzucać balli, dopóki nie zrobisz kilku misji questa "getting familiar with alola".
- Możliwość latania na wyspie jest całkowicie zablokowana. Możesz jednak jedzić na pokemonie gdziekolwiek chcesz, a pewnych miejscach możesz nawet pływać.


O que há de novo:
- Muitos novos Pokemons. Você pode encontrar uma lista na biblioteca da escola na cidade de Hau'oli.
- Poucas quests, algumas com missões, algumas apenas abertura de baús.
- A quest escolar é uma missão base que todo mundo tem que fazer. É necessário também para fazer algumas outras quests, como "The secret of Zygarde" ou acesso ao Tapu Koko.
- Há o Adventurer Club em que você pode obter várias tasks
- Existem Achievements escondidos
- há spawns escondidos (alguns exigem o uso de find hole, por exemplo), alguns exigem sorte e algo mais :)
- Rockruff pode evoluir em 3 formas diferentes de Lycanroc. Vocês não terão spoiler. Encontre-o por conta própria.
- Há o ultra wormhole em que você pode pegar ultra beasts. Você pode jogar apenas Beast balls que podem ser compradas do npc "Luke Skywalker". Você pode encontrá-lo no Adventurer Club.
- A maioria dos NPCs em Alola não reage em um simples "hi". Você aprenderá como fazer isso quando estiver fazendo a missão "Getting familiar with Alola".
- Existem 3 novos shinies: Decidueye, Primarina e Toucannon.
- Há poucos novos npcs comprando novos itens que são adquiridos como loot. Você deve ser capaz de encontrá-los todos na cidade. Se algo não puder ser vendido, informe no fórum.

O que há de diferente em Alola?

- A primeira viagem deve ser feita de avião. Alola pode ser acessado apenas por jogadores premium. Você precisa terminar alguma quest para poder usar o teleport.
- Você pode digitalizar Pokemon com nova alola pokedex. Os dados do pokemon escaneado não serão gravados, isso só acontecerá assim que você pegar o pokemon (mais tarde vamos adicionar novas conquistas relacionadas a isso).
- Os pokemons de fase final e médio estágio não podem ser pegos, você precisa pegar a pré-evolução deles antes. Não há taxa de captura mais fácil nem mais difícil para eles do que em outras regiões. (não sabemos se vamos mantê-lo desta forma ou não, se você quiser sugerir algo, faça isso normalmente). Não é tão difícil quanto parece.
- Enquanto estiver fazendo a quest "familiarizando-se com alola", você receberá um pokemon inicial. É o único pokemon, que não pode ser nivelado com rare candies. Ele também perde o vínculo de personagem uma vez atingindo o nível 110. Eu aconselho você a continuar upando ele, prometo que você não vai se arrepender.
- Você não poderá jogar pokeballs em pokemons selvagens se você não completar algumas missões de "Getting familiar with Alola" quest.
- A habilidade fly está desativada em Alola. Você pode usar ride em qualquer lugar que você quiser e surf em determinados lugares.

Fazer spoils no fórum é estritamente proibido, bem como no help channel do jogo !!!!

¡Finalmente ya está aquí! ¡Melemele Island está oficialmente accesible para todos!

Qué hay de nuevo:
- Muchos Pokémon nuevo. Puedes encontrar una lista de ellos en la biblioteca de la Escuela en Hau'oli City.
- Algunas quests, unas con misiones, otras de sólo "ir y abrir el cofre".
- School quest es una base que todos deben hacer. Esta quest es requisito para hacer algunas otras misiones tales como "The secret of Zygarde" or access to Tapu Koko.
- Hay un Adventurer Club en donde puedes obtener variadas tasks.
- Hay Logros (achievements) ocultos
- Hay spawns ocultos algunos requieren Find Hole, por ejemplo), otros requieren suerte y algo más :)
- Rockruff puede evolucionar en 3 formas diferentes de Lycanroc. No daré Spoiler de cómo hacerlo. Encuentren cómo por ustedes mismos.
- Está el "ultra wormhole" en donde se pueden capturar Ultraentes (Ultra Beasts). Sólo puedes usar beast balls que pueden ser compradas con el npc "Luke Skywalker". Puedes encontrarlo en el Adventurer Club.
- La mayoría de los NPCs en Alola no reacciona con un simple "hi". Aprenderás cómo hacerlo mientras hagas "Getting familiar with Alola" quest.
- Hay 3 nuevos shinies: Decidueye, Primarina and Toucannon.
- Hay algunos nuevos npcs comprando los nuevos items de loot. Deberias ser capaz de encontrarlos a todos dentro de la ciudad. Si algún item sigue sin poder venderse, haga su reporte en Forum.

Qué es diferente en Alola?

- El primer viaje a Alola debe ser hecho por avión. A Alola sólo pueden ir jugadores premium. Necesitas terminar alguna quest para ser capaz de utilizar teleport para ir.
- Puedes escanear Pokemon con el nuevo alola pokedex. La información de los Pokémon escaneados no se guardará mientras no captures a dichos Pokémon (luego agregaremos logros relacionado a esto).
- Los Pokémon evolucionados no pueden ser capturados mientras no captures a sus preevoluciones. No hay ni catch más fácil o más difícil que en las otras regiones (No sabemos si lo mantendremos de esta forma más adelante, si quieren sugerir algo, lo deben hacer de forma normal). No es tan difícil como parece.
- Mientras hagan "getting familiar with alola" quest recibirán un Pokémon inicial. Es el único Pokémon que no puede ser leveleado con Rare Candy. Éste sólo pierde el estado de "Character-bind" cuando llega a nivel 110. Les aconsejo que lo suban nivel y les prometo que no se arrepentirán.
- No serás capaz de lanzar balls en los Pokémon salvajes si no completas algunas misiones de "getting familiar with alola" quest.
- La skill Fly está deshabilitada en Alola. Puedes usar Ride en cualquier lugar que quieres y Surf en ciertos lugares.

Hacer spoil en Forum está estrictamente prohibido, así cómo también preguntar por ellos en el Canal Help!!!!


Halloween Event has been finally enabled!

How does it work?
There are unowns spawning in several cities over the world (all 3 regions). You need to form words by killing unowns in the right order. Each unown has its respective letter. If you are doubting which one it is, use "look" on it.
For example if you have word "POKEMON" to complete, you need to kill unowns P, O, K, E, M, O, N.
- Use command !event to see other commands needed in this event.
- Use !event show to check ID of the mission, word that you need to form and reward.
- Use command !event select ID to select mission. For example !event select 1
- You need to do all missions in order from 1 to 19.
- You can repeat some missions, if you wish.
- You don't need to complete all of the missions, if you don't want to
- After forming the word, you will instantly receive a reward.
- If you want to cancel your mission, use command !event drop
- If you accidentaly kill unown of a different letter, than required, your progress gets restarted. You will have to start it over. (word that you are currently trying to form, not all the missions)
- Unowns cannot be caught
- Event will be enabled until thursday with possibility of extending for 1-2 days more if necessary.
- Your progress is shown on default.
- There's no characters limit.

Spawns of Unowns
Kanto Spawns:
Pewter, Cerulean, Celadon, Saffron, Vermilion, Viridian and Fuchsia
Unowns: A, B, C, N, P, U, R, Y, J, G, M, V

Johto Spawns:
Azalea, Violet, Goldenrod, Shamouti, Cianwood, Olivine
Unowns: D, E, F, Q, S, T, X, H, I, L

Hoenn Spawns:
Slateport, Lilycove, Rustboro, Littleroot, Petalburg
Unowns: G, H, I, J, K, L, M, Y, O

Rare Spawns:
Every city mentioned above!
Unowns: W and Z

RB – 10 empty rocket balls
REV – 12 full revives
SILV – silver pumpkin
DOLL – Random pokemon doll
CANDY – rare candy
HDECOR – Random Halloween decoration
CUTETICK – Cute Ticket
BOXTRES – Kanto Box 3
JOHTOBOX – Johto Box 3
HOENNBOX – Hoenn Box 3
POKEMON – Random pokemon bag (that cannot be bought from juanito)
HALLOOUT – Random Halloween Outfit
HALLOADD – Random Pokemon Addon for Halloween
CLONEDTICK – Cloned Ticket
RANDOWEVOITEMZ – Random Evo item
HALLOWEENZEVENTONPADVENTURES – Random New Pokemon (Pancham, Vullaby, Phantump and Noibat)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask
If you have any requests, you can ask it here, but do it properly or your post will be ignored
In advance: We reject to reduce missions needed to do the last one for pokemon.

From 26.10 until 29.10 we'll enable donation promotion. During this time you will receive 50% more points. Also if you donate for 30 points (base) or more, you will receive:

*Frond Island Ticket + Twin Rock Islands Ticket